What is the best cruise line for a family?

ellacoolgirl asked: My husband and I are looking to go on a cruise with our three girls. They are aged 4, 9 and 15. We are looking for a cruise line that all our children would enjoy despite the differences in age and that has lots of activity’s for adults too. What would be the […]

which is better: disney world or cruise?

fallinℒove ♥ asked: My family adults one 13 year old wants to disney which hotel theres like million. For disney which hotel theres like million. My family adults one 12 year old and one 12 year old and one 12 year old and for disney world know right and location thank youuuuu also for disney […]

What is the best cruise going to the Bahamas?

lovelove asked: I’m going with two other families. We are planning on in July 2008 or during spring 2008. There are 6 adults and 3 kids (13, 10, 9) What is the best cruise that can everybody enjoy at an affordable price for everyone? Thanks in advance!

The best and the safest cruise line any one can recommend.I need help on what expect on a cruise hidden fees a?

claudia asked: IM planning to go on a carribean cruise which is the best that you can recommend for a small budget for 2 adults?

What documentation do I bring to a Carnival Cruise Port?

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►degree◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ asked: What do I have to bring as far as documentation to the port for a Carnival Imagination cruise? We are a party of 6– 4 Adults and 2 Kids. We also have proof of citizenship and passports.