Start Using Online Travel Sites Now

The web has changed the way most people make travel reservations. With the click of a mouse, you can find hundreds of sites devoted to travel. However, there are a few more prominent sites that you should be looking at.

You may want to go to the discount travel sites to get an idea of what is available, but since these sites deal in volume and are given a deal on tickets and hotel rooms, you may get the discount directly from the airlines or hotel.

Usually you will find that cancellation policies are not as ridged when you are dealing directly with a specific airline or hotel, and booking fees are not included as they are with discount travel sites. They sometimes offer very lucrative awards to returning customers.

Because it constantly searches for the cheapest in hotel accommodations, airline tickets and car rentals on as many sites as possible, is able to find deals that the larger discount travel sites don’t.

Other meta-search sites, such as, are around, but no one gets the respect that does. Both and, which is owned by Kayak, often don’t charge a fee because they are paid by the hotel or airlines, other online agencies or through advertisements.

Taxi and other transportation information are available from’s Getting Around section. does, according to destination, charge a booking fee.

Travelocity does assist in trip planning and provides a converter for currency. Their FareWatcher feature notifies you via e-mail when fares are discounted to selected destinations., although highly promoted, is not at the top of the list in discount travel sites reviewed by industry leaders. Despite their lower standing, Expedia does offer frequent flyers some benefits. is known to cater to eco tourism and offers updates from all United States airports. It also guarantees hotel rates, refunding the difference if you find a similar reservation at a lower price at another site within a 24-hour period.

A recent Washington Post article named as an industry leader in hotel bookings. will match any lower price you find at another site in a 24-hour period.

Use the Newegg promotional code wisely because they might not last forever.