Saving Money For Your Dream Holiday

Why not clear out the house at the same time and get rid of all that junk and mess? It’s a relief to rid yourself from all the trash that’s been following you around for years. It’s finally time to push for a change. Here are some top tips to save cash for your dream getaway.

Make a list, room by room of everything you no longer want or need. Put all of the items into one place like the spare room or garage. List all the ways you can sell the things – online auction , garage sale etc.

Then start selling the things until everything is gone , start with the most likely way to sell all items – garage sale etc… then list anything else alone online or in the newspaper . Also you can see if anyone that you know want to buy the items .

When you are selling the things, make sure you put all the cash aside in a safe place (that’s if you’re not going to be tempted to use it) …or ask someone you trust like a parent or grandparent . Other options include to put it in the bank in a higher interest bank account and make the most of the amenities available to you.

Once you have sold all your stuff and collected the cash then you can look at what type of trip you can have without breaking your budget or borrowing from future earnings. American Cruises are a really affordable thing to do, as well as Pacific Cruises. If you want to go on a Mediterranean Cruise you might need to save for a little longer.

Look on the net for last minute deals online, there’s heaps available… just Google Search last minute deals and you’ll be overwhelmed with a huge amount of wonderful choices.

Lastly, just don’t be silly, use your mind when doing things. I know it’s a generic tip but you will be amazed by the amount of people who don’t use their mind daily. Just use it!

I hope these saving money tips have helped!

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