Sail the Panama Canal and Marvel at This Great Human Achievement

This incredible piece of human engineering, dreamt up by the ambitious King Charles V of Spain, took around 75,000 workers over 10 long years to complete and throughout the construction was beleaguered by a range of problems, from financial bankruptcy, very poor project management and serious outbreaks of malaria that killed many of the workers.

It was eventually finished however, to worldwide applause and with the enormous gratitude of the thousands of ships that still pass through in huge quantities – some paying up to 30,000 dollars for the privilege. The incredible network of dams and locks spans 50 miles at the shortest point between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, allowing ships to cut out an enormous and treacherous stretch of coastline around South America.

The canal is located just 80kms north west of Panama City on the Pacific side and Colon on the Atlantic side. You could have the unique and once-in-a-lifetime chance to jump aboard one of the many fantastic cruise ships and set sail along the length of the canal, preferably between December and April.

Lindblad Expeditions runs the 64 passenger MV Sea Voyager through the canal and then continues along the Pacific coast of stunning Costa Rica.

An expedition on board the Sea Voyager around Panama is an adventure replete with rewards thanks to the biological diversity and unique opportunities it presents. Wildlife is plentiful and varied and thanks to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, it is are the only passenger ship permitted to overnight during the Panama Canal transit to explore Barro Colorado Nature Monument.