Sailing Safety Guide

s a wonderful hobby, but as with any sport it can be dangerous. From novices to the most experienced sailors, it’s vital that you’re safe on the water. With 54% of lifeboat services carried out for pleasure craft, you cannot afford to take risks on the water.

We’ve put together some basic rules, ideal if you are new to sailing:

Equipment – Check your equipment before casting off

Things you will need to have onboard:

Horseshoe lifebuoy An automatic light A danbouy A buoyant heaving line Don’t forget to take plenty of water, it’s easy to become dehydrated at sea.

A list of more equipment to keep aboard:

Spare can of fuel clearly marked – petrol, diesel, two stroke Set of oars or auxiliary outboard Tow rope First aid kit Torch Day and night distress flares Fire extinguisher Bailer Anchor with adequate chain and rope Weather – Always be aware of offshore winds

Check the weather of your destination before you sail, and be prepared to change your schedule. Also keep in mind that you may have to alter your route mid-way.

Boarding your boat – Keep your balance

Extra care needs to be taken when boarding sailboats as they are prone to capsizing. Step as far in to the centre of the boat as possible and never step on to the edge of the boat.

Capsizing – Practice, practice, practice

When it comes to safe sailing, capsizing is extremely important. Always practice in a controlled environment.

Man overboard – Don’t panic!

Being prepared in a rescue situation gives everyone a fighting chance. Everyone onboard should wear a life jacket equipped with a whistle and mirror. A whistle which can function when wet can pierce through the noise of the choppiest waters. A lifebelt and dinghy should be thrown overboard immediately.

If you are the person overboard, try to maintain visual contact with the boat. Use your whistle and mirror to get your crew’s attention.

Clothing – Always protect your head, hands and feet when sailing.

Protection from the sun is very important because reflection from the sun on the water can cause sunburn. Apply a strong sunscreen to all areas of exposed skin and reapply regularly.

Wear warm protective clothing. Prolonged exposure to the cold can lead to exhaustion. A third of all body heat is lost through the head, so some form of head gear is essential. It will also protect you from sunstroke on sunny days.

Wearing gloves will protect your hands and keep them warm. Specialist gloves with non-slip reinforced fingers are best. Footwear should protect your feet and provide grip. Sailing shoes have non-slip soles. Never sail in bare feet – it’s easy to slip on wet areas.

Hold on! – “One hand for the boat, one hand for yourself”

Always hold on to something and be prepared for any danger. A large wave or sudden gust of wind can toss your boat without warning. Always bend your knees for the best balance.

Wear a safety harness if sailing a keelboat. Secure it to a solid object in order to keep your hands free. Never use a safety harness on a dinghy.

Guard rails should always run the length of the deck. The rail ends should be secured with lashings or quick release slips so you can cut them to recover any man overboard.

Treat slippery surfaces with non-skid paint or stick on strips. Pay attention to tops of hatches and sloping coachroof sides which become walkways when the boat is heeled.

Final top tips Always sail at a recognised club or launching location Tell someone where you are going Have a healthy respect for the sea and sail within your limits Always remember, when it doubt, don’t go out! If you hear thunder – turn back

By: Simon White

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How would I arrange a small cruise ship for a specialized cruise?

Rusty D asked:

I am interested in putting together a cruise for a targeted speciality group and would like to find out the costs and details of contracting for a ship that would accommodate around 500 people for a one week cruise from the U.S. West coast.

How Can You Plan The Best Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation can be expected to provide family friendly fun as well as luxury and spectacle. Your Disney cruise will provide you those same standards. In order to accommodate your whole family, your rooms are much larger than on other cruise lines. You will find that each ship within their fleet has plenty of options that will accommodate a family of any size and budget. You will also see that there are plenty of choices of whom you can associate with whether you want to just keep to your own family or if you want to visit with those who are you same age. With such a diverse selection of options and events you will love your Disney cruise vacation.

Before you book your Disney cruise you should think about the kind of room or suite you want. There are about twelve different categories of ship accommodations. Choose your rooms based on the number of people you need it to hold, the view you would like and whether you would like a veranda. Keep in mind that each room needs to have at least one adult. If you are traveling with friends or family, you can link your reservations if you make them at the same time. If you need to make them separately, you will need to speak to a Disney representative. It pays to make your reservation as soon as possible, as the Category 1 and 2 suites tend to sell out quickly.

Your vacation begins the minute you set foot on a Disney cruise ship. Whether your trip lasts a few days or more than a week you should not run out of fun activities. The younger kids can take advantage of activities especially designed for them that are supervised by professional counselors. Because parents are issued beepers when they drop off their young children they can enjoy themselves without worry. Even teenagers can enjoy specially designed activities and events just for them. With the wide variety of programs available, everyone in your family can enjoy themselves together or with other passengers their own age.

While your kids are off enjoying their own adventures, you can take advantage of the spa, shopping, or adult-only pools. But there is plenty of fun for your family to enjoy together. Your Daily Navigator will you keep apprised of all the activities on board your ship so that you can plan your days. Whether you take in the Broadway-caliber shows, the on-board movie theaters, themed deck parties or just lounge in the sun a fun time is almost guaranteed.

The fun is not limited to the interior of your Disney cruise ship. The Bahamas, the Mexican Riviera, the Caribbean…make sure to get out and see the sights at your ports of call. A “Shopping in Paradise Port Guide” will give you an historical overview of the port as well as good dining and shopping suggestions. Some cruise itineraries will take you to Castaway Cay, Disney’s privately owned island paradise.

There is so much to do on a Disney cruise it is impossible to recount it all here. The accommodations are so spectacular that you can enjoy yourself without even leaving your room. But it would certainly be a mistake to miss the amazing adventures that Disney’s entertainment experts have carefully designed with your family in mind. Of course, the ports of call and Castaway Cay provide additional opportunities for fun. Whether you play together or apart, this is a vacation you will never forget.

Why A Cruise Ship Wedding Is Fun For Everyone

Mary Hanna asked:

A cruise ship wedding is an experience you will hold dear forever. Wedding on a cruise ship is unique and fun. Many cruise ships even have wedding chapels designated for cruise ship weddings or vow renewals.

A cruise ship wedding can be more fun than a traditional wedding. All cruise lines have different packages and rules for receptions and number of guests. The internet and your travel agent should have all the information about a wedding on a cruise ship for any particular cruise line. Not all the captains are licensed to marry you, but many lines will have a priest or rabbi or some other officiate that may provide these ceremonies. If you considering a cruise ship wedding, plan early so you won’t be disappointed. Lots of cruise ships limit the number of ceremonies per cruise. Some of the Cruise Lines that offer cruise ship weddings are discussed below.

Princess Cruises has a wedding chapel where they perform the cruise ship weddings. The Grand Princess and her sister ships all have wedding chapels. Here the Captain is able to perform the ceremony. Wedding options start at $1400.00 per couple with receptions around $70-$80.00 per head. There will be hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, drinks and an official marriage certificate, a cake and music. The ships photographer is available and the ships florist can design any arrangements that you have in mind. You can check out their packages on line. Click on the On Board link and then the wedding/special occasions link to get information on weddings on a cruise ship. They even supply you with a phone number for a wedding consultant. The Hearts and Minds Chapel is quite quaint and perfect for a wedding on a cruise ship.

A more upscale option is Crystal Cruise who will perform ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals or anniversaries. Your cruise ship wedding will be performed by the captain or a member of the clergy and includes Champagne, a Portrait, and a cake. They also have a Honeymoon Package with a cake, champagne, a picture and a certificate signed by the captain. I would discuss this one with your agent but of course you could check out their website.

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas has a wedding chapel and performs cruise ship weddings on the day of embarkation. Their wedding packages start at $800.00. They include flowers for bride and groom, a photo session, champagne and a cake. Go to their website to check out their options.

Carnival Cruises has shore side packages that are all inclusive. There will be a toast with keepsake flutes, a photograph, the wedding cake topper and an engraved announcement. You can also customize any extras for a fee. Talk to your travel agent, or, if you want to do some research on your own, go to the Carnival website.

After your cruise ship wedding take tons of pictures. Especially today with digital cameras, this helps to keep the cost of film and the film development down. Be sure to bring a lot of memory cards. Save stubs from tours you have taken, the invitation to the Captains Table for dinner, any notes you receive from the officers, the brochure that lists the itinerary, the dates of each port of call. You can make many beautiful well documented photo albums that will bring lots of smiles and many fond memories. It is highly recommend building a scrapbook from your trip; you will love it later when you pull it out and relive the experiences. It takes some time but is so worth it to have these pictures after your cruise ship wedding. On our honeymoon aboard the Volendam at the end of the cruise they supplied us with a beautiful menu from each dinner. On one side was the menu and on the other a beautiful scene from Holland.

All ships have a Newlyweds game. Go to it. It’s fun and hopefully, you’ll only be a newlywed once. Participate in all the activities, they are a little bit corny but they do make you laugh. Let everyone know you’ve just been had your cruise ship wedding, people love that. You might even get a few free drinks.

Honeymooning on a ship is a great way to kick back and relax after that year of stressful planning for the cruise ship wedding. It is now time to enjoy you and your spouse and the journey of a lifetime. Take advantage of your time together in a luxurious atmosphere. Have fun, meet new people, make new friends and be yourself, most of these people you will never see again.

Here’s to a Bon Voyage, a wonderful cruise ship wedding and great honeymoon.

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Luxury Cruises In Europe

by Jason Myers

Lavish tour packages are available to assure that you are able to have the funds for a amazing, life altering, memory making holiday. Cruises offer the greatest on cuisine, relaxation and enjoyment. travel the waters of the Caribbean or the shores of the Mediterranean.

Reserving a cruise through a travel representative gives you access to credits and services that are not ooffered through other travel agencies. Travel companies can arrange a tailored cruise that is patterned to your specific requirements. Give them your budget and they can assist you make an affordable discount luxury cruise. The most amazing suggestions and travel promos can be chosen to bring you the very best value and cherished memories. Below are some reasonably priced cruise recommendations for families and newlyweds. Book a cruise for your kin and take pleasure in the holiday of a life time. Family travels have something for everyone with fun for children of all ages and enjoyment for the parents. Caribbean cruises offer sparkling blue water, huge white beaches and hours and hours of endless chances for enjoyment. bigger children will be able to take pleasure in many of the same adventure some activities as their parents including surfing, snorkeling and deep water fishing. Children enjoy beach activities and planned activities at different docks and on board the ship. Families enjoy dining together, relaxing together and consuming hours talking and laughing. The sundown are most family’s much loved periods to stay below the stars on board the ship. The vastness of the sea and the stars in the heavens seem to be endless. Never limit yourselves because of finances. As an alternative call and ask about which packages are discounted and what trips would best help your family. A cruise is an excellent method to restore unity and serenity to the family. The family that laughs together and plays together stays together. Unlock the doors of contact as you travel the water beneath the stars. Newlyweds can find great offers on lavish cruises. Discount luxury cruise packages offer the greatest accommodations at the most reasonable prices available.

Honeymooners can run away from the cares of the world and melt in each other?s arms. Get pleasure from the water, the ports and the activities of cruising. Mediterranean Cruises are very dreamy. Enjoy swaying to traditional European tunes under the stars at night and visiting the ports of Barcelona, Naples and Rome during the day. Visit popular tourist attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This spectacular tower in Italy, due to a badly laid foundation, leans to one side.

Newlyweds, certainly, appreciate the romance of the islands. Take a trip to the Caribbean and have fun at the ports at every island. Rest on the shoreline and sun bathe or take pleasure in scuba diving activities in the clear ocean. Grand Cayman provides incredible waters and activities such as reef diving and parasailing. Enjoy the beginning of your lives together by bathing in the sun, cruising along the water, shopping in different ports, and enjoying site seeing.

There are so many great cruise packages presented for families and newlyweds. Call and ask about what cruises are offered and choose the cruise that best suits your funds. Take pleasure from the trip and memories that will last a life time with a price that you can afford.

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