Packing Strategies That Work When Travelling.

Its important to pack correctly when travelling. Planning in advance is best and here are some of the strategies Ive employed based on my experience. Avoid taking too many bags by being well organised. Ensure your luggage is strong and secure. Hard backed luggage is safer secured with a strap and luggage tags that are closed face. Put your essential items in your hand luggage in the event of loss.

Its a good idea to scan all documents of importance and store them in your email account before you leave home .This will prove invaluable if they are lost as you can approach the embassy to apply for new ones Divide your valuables such as credit cards travellers cheques and cash and distribute them between several pockets or bags.

Use small transparent containers to pack toiletries.They can either be repacked in smaller bottles or why not buy the travel sizes that are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets. The smart way of packing is to pack the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on the top as your bag will feel lighter.Place your soiled clothes at the bottom also. Bring along some polythene bags for your toiletries to avoid leakage and also for clothes in need of washing. The zip lock bags are perfect for this.

In order to avoid the need to search blindly for everything when you unpack its easier if you pack clothes such as underwear ,tops, shorts et:c in transparent plastic bags. If you get checked by customs you can spot and unpack them easily.If you are travelling for a long period of time avoid taking too many clothes which add weight and wash some the clothes instead.

A piece of cardboard enables you to divide your suitcase into sections and helps to organize your items. This method helps during airport inspections. A torch is a must when travelling Ensure your suitcase remains clean and odourless by putting your shoes and worn socks into airtight plastic zip lock bags.

Medication and valuable documents can be placed in your hand luggage. Sometimes your bags can get lost or delayed on a long journey or during custom inspections and doing this would come in useful. Use rolling techniques when packing as it sometimes takes up less room in your bag.Tissue paper when rolling helps to stop your clothes becoming wrinkled. Better still new vacuum storage and compression bags would fit the purpose.

Find out what the liquids policy is at your departure airport and also at your destination airport. If 100ml plastic bottles are not permitted and you are unable to get travel size toiletries when you travel , tooth powder and shampoo bars would suffice . Never forget that your main luggage should always remain with you until you check in and your hand luggage at all times

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