Luxury Cruises For The Very Wealthy

At some point of evolution a man made a small boat and used it for catching fish. To catch more fish, bigger boats were built. Eventually boats were used to cross the seas, discover new lands and open up trading. Business boomed.

This new merchant class wanted to spend their money as well as make more money. Some wealthy people wanted to travel by sea, or even participate in adventures on the ocean, but they had no intention of leaving the luxury they enjoyed at home behind. Thus came about luxury cruises.

Luxury cruises have long since been a private social getaway for affluent individuals. In the days of old, luxury cruises were the way to travel. The huge cruise ships would have exorbitantly priced first class suites with the most lavish food and activities. Of course, there would also be the second and third class rooms, but those passengers never saw the opulence of the first class.

Travel on cruise ships faded with the advent of commercial airplanes, as people discovered they could arrive much more quickly at their destinations. Advertising still regaled the public with the idea of luxury cruises, but the original spirit of the real luxury cruise was missing. Cruise lines offered gambling and getaway vacations, but ships were crowded and standing in lines for food became the norm. Service faded. Huge staterooms were replaced with people packed in small closets.

Today a few cruises still respect the luxury once available to the rich. Royalty, executives, dignitaries, aficionados, socialites and entrepreneurs who have inherited or earned their wealth can still enjoy the stately luxury once available in first class cruises. All that can possibly be done for enjoyment is included in the price of transport.

Formal dinners with exquisite cuisine are daily occurrences as are the specialty desserts. Such cruise ships hire only the best in the galley, and buy only the best provisions. Every detail of service is attended to. Food is prepared especially for each individual. Such ships win awards for gastronomy, and the service is five star. The ship is beautifully decorated, and spacious staterooms and suites accompany every possible amenity. Amusement is booked from the best available with musical groups, singers, and classical recitals.

Luxury cruises these days offer classes and seminars of interest to their clientele. Subjects may range from asset management to private equity and trusts. Millionaires may be speaking on how to accumulate wealth Many other activities are provided for the enjoyment of the upper crust on these cruises.

Day trips are arranged for shopping and tours of historical interest at various ports of call as well as cultural activities. Prosperous people can enjoy a myriad of shipboard activities also, including such things as live theater, swimming, recreational games and high tea.

Since the cruise will be uncrowded, one can expect to be greeted by name by wait staff in the dining room, guest relations personnel and by the room steward. The surroundings is spacious. One never waits in line for a service or meal. The atmosphere encourages relaxation and comfort.

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