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Charles Jackson asked:

Get up, go to work, go home, and go to bed. Repeat. Your lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. All work and no play make Johnny, and Jane, perfectly miserable.

When you’ve had enough of the rat race and just need to get away, a luxury cruise vacation is just the ticket. Luxury cruise vacations offer pure paradise for a week, a month or even six months. Nothing to do but lie back, relax and let the ocean carry you away.

Choosing to take a luxury cruise vacation is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. The tricky part is deciding when to leave, and when to come back. Chances are, you’ll want to leave tomorrow and never return. Unfortunately we all have to return to reality at some point, but even a few days on a luxury cruise vacation is better than none at all.

Work with your travel agent in planning your departure and return dates. You’ll be surprised at the difference a week can make in rates and availability. If cost is a factor, take advantage of off-season discounts and you can save a bundle. Booking well in advance can help you to save a few bucks. Adventurous types who are in a position to drop everything can sometimes catch a break with last-minute bookings.

Think about where you’d like to go for your dream getaway. There are countless options available, depending on where you’d like to travel and what you’d like to see. Check the itineraries of different cruise packages to determine which ports of call you’d like to explore. Of course, you may decide the perfect vacation activity for you is simply basking away on the ship’s pool deck. If that’s the case, you can just book the cruise without worrying about day trips along the way. The time you have available plays a big role in deciding when and where you will travel. Even the shortest luxury cruise vacation can be packed with fun and excitement.

The fun part is actually booking and preparing for your vacation. Once you’ve made the arrangements, you can get up and go to work with smile on your face, as you count down the days till your luxury cruise vacation. Bon Voyage!

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