The Islands You Can Visit in the Caribbean Whilst on a Yacht Charter

You’re one of those who are looking forward to a grand vacation, perhaps during the summer, and so you opted to rent a Caribbean boat charter. It can be a luxury yacht charter, sailboat charter, or a Caribbean catamaran charter-it doesn’t really matter. What matters to you is that you can visit as many islands as possible. The Caribbean will never be what it is today without them. But where should you go?

You can bring your Caribbean yacht charters in any of these fabulous islands:

Bahamas. There are over a hundred islands that you can choose from when you’re in the Bahamas, so you can definitely make the most out of your Caribbean yacht charter. You can bring it to Cable Beach and Paradise Island, where there are plenty of private villas, casinos, and, of course, docks. When you want to scuba dive, you can then have your yacht Charter Caribbean to Andros, Abaco, and Inagua. Other great choices in the Bahamas include Rum Cay, Cat Island, Bimini, and Berry Islands.

Cayman Islands. There are actually three islands that make up this very small nation in the Caribbean. The biggest one-and the most industrialised of the three-is called Grand Cayman. Your luxury charter yachts can dock in one of its ports, and you can roam the area for a day. There are a lot of shopping centers, casinos, and bargain markets. Most of the expensive or posh hotels are found here. However, if you want some privacy, or you are on a tight budget, you can avail of any of the sailboat charters and bring it to either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman. Regardless of what your choice, though, you are guaranteed of one of the most thrilling scuba diving experiences in your life.

British Virgin Islands. You may wonder how this island nation is able to get its name. It is mainly composed of islets that are stunningly beautiful-it’s like they have been unexplored and are just waiting for someone to take advantage of their natural resources. The British Virgin Islands is considered to be the sailing capital in the world. Thus, most of the charter yachts Caribbean will always include a tour in BVI. This also means that you have a wide array of choices for your water transport. You can rent yacht charters BVI or a luxury catamaran. There are also affordable Carribean yacht charters where you may have to do most of the work, including cooking. The most important thing is that you can sail your BVI yacht charter into the beautiful and serene waters and choose the island that can offer you with the most splendid vacation time or privacy.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It seems like urbanisation has never reached any of the islands, but that’s what makes them very unique. There are not a lot of Grenadines yacht charters that can take you directly there, simply because it’s not really an easy travel. But once you do, you can immerse yourself into its waters or into the laidback lifestyle of its people, whilst leaving your Carribean yacht charter in its port.