How to Spend your Honeymoon? Italy, Tahitijpg, Anguilla, Fiji

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Italy is an indisputable leader for honeymoon destinations. It goes without speaking, Italy the land of Amore! This country has can guarantee: your honeymoon will be unforgettable and romantic. Just imagine a floating Venice, you are together in a gondola, native Italian songs, than a cup of coffee – a sunset and so on… It provides great facilities for a luxurious rest! And if you are tired from canals and gondolas, you can visit enormous number of excursions!


It is impossible to find right words, while describing paradise? Actually, some people are intended to call it Tahiti! Why? May be for natural beauty or just hospitality and warn welcome to any guest and couple(especially!). If you prefer to stay on your own and to show your beautiful wife to anyone else – it is the right place for you to stay. Have a closer look at its resorts! They are destined to preserve your love and make it grow. Visiting Tahiti, don’t forget to taste a delicious Cocktail “Pearl of Tahiti”. Populations of Tahiti drink it exceptionally on special occasions!


Find out more and than enjoy the flawless combination of soothing calmness, a great variety of nature-oriented entertainments, and amiable islanders. Have you ever heard about Scuba? Or have you ever seen a sunken Spanish galleon? NO? Its time to repair an omission! Among day entertainments the following are the most interesting: windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba, swimming with dolphins, sailing or just incredible romantic walks on the beach.


Fiji! Oh, I can’t even say, how much I like it! If you are fond of water, beaches, exotic and palm trees, mountain ranges sweeping to the sea, warm tropical winds, lots of tranquility and luxurious resorts scattered among its 300+ islands, you must come here! This place won’t disappoint you!

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