Hotels And Resorts – What If Fire Breaks Out In Them?

Many people who travel by airline flights, cruise ships, buses, trains, or car rentals on their vacations or holidays usually book hotels or resorts as their place to stay. However, it may never cross their minds about the possibility of their hotel or resort having a fire.

Although fires in luxury hotels and resorts happen infrequently, when they do occur they can have very serious consequences for the hotel and resort guests. When people travel they should take precautions and be aware of some basic information on what to do if a fire happens in their hotel or resort when they are on holidays.

First of all, when you are booking a room in your hotel or resort, if possible, try and get one that is no higher than the fifth floor. In case of a fire, many fire engine ladders can not reach rooms that are higher. It’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Be sure to check and see where the fire extinguishers are located on your floor. Also, you should check where the exit stairs are located in case you need to exit the building in an emergency. Even if the elevators are working, don’t use the elevator if there’s a fire.

If you smell smoke or the smoke alarm in your room or in the hotel goes off, do not open the door and rush out into the hall. Firstly, carefully touch the door to your room and if it does not feel hot, get down on your knees and open it slowly. If the hall is filled, or starting to get filled with smoke, crawl on all fours to the stairs and exit the hotel as quickly as possible. If your hotel door is hot to the touch, do not open it. Instead, roll up wet towels and cover up the space at the bottom of the door with them. Fill the bathtub with cold water. Open or take down any curtains, drapes, or blinds covering the windows and balcony door so that emergency crews can easily see into your room. Stay in the bathroom until the danger is over or help arrives.

What should you do if an earthquake happens when you are in your hotel room?

In case of an earthquake, get under a sturdy desk or table in your hotel room. If you can’t get under a solid piece of furniture quickly, then get under an open doorway frame or move next to an inside wall in your room. Protect your head and neck the best that you can. When the ground stops shaking you may be able to exit the hotel safely. Just don’t use an elevator. The elevator’s mechanism may be damaged, even if the elevator appears to be in working order. Even if the elevator is working properly, and people are using it, still don’t use it. Why? What if you take the elevator and a major quake occurs when you are in it? You could end up being trapped inside, so always use the stairs. When you are outside the hotel, watch out for possible falling debris. It is always a good idea to seek an open place away from all tall buildings in case they collapse due to any subsequent small or large tremors, or another possible earthquake.

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