History Coolly Repeats Itself With DIY Shade Sails

Recently homeowners have moved to embracing a more outdoor orientated lifestyle. People are extending the use of their outdoor living spaces. One of the main issues many are dealing with, especially in more suburban areas lacking in old tree growth, is the need for shade.

An ancient solution (somewhat rediscovered) to this problem is the installation of what is called a Shade Sail. As far back as the ancient Egyptians, and later the Greeks and Romans, large pieces of fabric were used to provide shade. In fact, The Coliseum in Rome once incorporated great canvas “sails” to form awnings that kept the sun off of the people inside. These canvases were so large that sailors from a nearby port had to be brought in to manage them.

Today, modern shade sails are far more durable and manageable. The present version is built of an affordable fabric called Shade Cloth. This shade cloth began appearing in the early 1990s, especially in South Africa and Australia.

Simply put, in today’s age a shade sail is a fabric shade that is installed to any structure above the area which requires relief from the direct sun. Temperatures below can be reduced by up to 32% and direct UV exposure reduced by up to 90% (depending on the grade of fabric that is used). Shade Sails not only provide comfort but offer a chance to add a personal decor to any outdoor area.

A shade sail’s uses are limitless. They are quite suitable for shading courtyards, playgrounds, parking lots, gardens and patios. Many consumers find shade sails a necessity for pool-side areas where they can add privacy or cool exposed pavement that can reach well over 120 degrees.

Another benefit is that shade sails don’t just provide your family with protection from the heat of day; Shade Sails also guard you and your patio furniture from up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Shade sails are a safe, practical and attractive way to keep cool and protect you from the sun.

The various shapes and sizes available allow you to keep with a traditional garden décor, or for the more modern patio designs; you can create an exotic mix of angles and colors. In addition, you can find customized shade sails for unique spaces that can be specially sewn to fit your shading needs.

Shade sails can be hung from building exteriors, fencing posts or support poles. If all fixing points are structurally sound and the fixings are tightly secured, your outdoor shade sail will last you for years.

For more information on Shade Sails, visit Patio and Play. If you would like information on installing a shade sail in your own backyard visit Shade Sail Installation. To view pictures of the various uses of shade sails you may go to: Shade Sail Gallery

By: Kari Smith

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