Has anyone gone on a complimentary short cruise vacation offered to you by simply completing a survey?

smiles asked:

I just participated on an automated 10 question phone survey where after completion they offered a complimentary cruise vacation for 2 days/2 nights to Nassau/Bahamas leaving from Ft Lauderdale. The cruise ship is the Regal Empress from Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines.
Has anyone been on this ship?
Has anyone ever participated in a deal like this?

I don’t believe this to be anything relating to time-share or anything where I would need to participate in a 90 min program. However, I’m not sure.

The survey just asked very generic questions, and did not ask for anything personal or any credit card information. Someone from the cruise line is supposed to call me to finalize all the accomodations in a few days.

It just sounds a little too good to be true.

((and I know it’s not going to be a large new ship and that’s ok, as this will be my first cruise))