Guide To A Sailing Charter In Montenegro

The coast of Montenegro is 290 km long, with 70 km of beaches, and with many picturesque ancient old towns. One main attraction is the spectacular Gulf of Kotor, the longest fjord in southern Europe where the Adriatic Sea cuts deep in mountains, with the ancient town of Perast. There is also long and sandy beaches around the popular resorts of Budva and Ulcinj.

The high mountains of Montenegro are found along the borders of Albania and Serbia, as well as a part of the Balkan Peninsula. Geographically, the country is also situated near Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The Adriatic Sea is facing the country’s coastline and is usually frequented by tourists who are after for some sailing in Montenegro.

A yacht charter can cruise all the way to the Gulf of Kotor, or Boka Kotorska Bay. It’s a fjord located in the southernmost portion of Europe. It has a very beautiful history as well as extremely old civilization. The best time to visit the place is during springtime. This way, you can take part in their Mimosa Festival, a celebration in dedication to the mimosa flower. Cruising through the bay, you can see plenty of small coastal towns, such as Dobrota. You can also find Lady of Skrpljel or Gospa od Skrpjela and St George. Risan, meanwhile, has a lot of artifacts related to classical culture. For example, a patrician villa composed of mosaic floors is well-preserved and open to tourists. These inlets are very close to Perast, home of the sailors. If you disembark here, you can take a quick tour to the Town Museum or Bujevic’s Palace.

Budva is also another excellent spot for sailing in Montenegro. With wide variety of beaches to choose from, certainly, you will never run out of beautiful places to visit. You can begin at Guvance, or small beach. Besides the sand, the beach is also popular for its café bar, which provides ultra-cool refreshments to guests. It can also provide you the most stunning sunset you’ve ever seen. Queen’s Beach is 500 meters away from Sveti Stefan. The coastline isn’t very long, around 200 meters, only, but its smallness gives you a feeling of privacy. Other beaches that you can go to are Ricardova glava, Przno, Becici, Trsteno, Jaz, and Maestral, to name a few.

Your holiday vacation will never be complete without going to Ulcinj. It has a lot of beautiful bodies of water, such as Velika Plaza, the longest beach found in the Adriatic Sea. Ada Bojana, on the other hand, is a river that is renowned for the sandy beaches, while Valdanos is a bay with a lot of olive trees located at the coastlines. At the town proper, you can find plenty of restaurants, bars, shopping booths, galleries, and hotels, where you can stay for a day or two.

If you want to do some sailing in Montenegro, you can rent boats and yachts in almost every beach location. There are also several travel agencies who can arrange this for you. Hopefully, with it, you will learn to love the country more.