Go On A Cruise Vacation On The Largest Hotel Resort Cruise Ship

Holidays and vacations should be exciting and fun travel experiences. So why not book your next holiday and vacation on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s largest and most modern resort hotel cruise ship, and cruise to the beckoning warm waters and white sandy beaches of the breathtaking, sun-drenched, Caribbean Islands?

This majestic, colossal cruise ship is brilliantly laid out to maximize every passenger’s enjoyment and cruising experience. It has 16 decks and 2,700 staterooms that range in size from the inside staterooms of approximately 150 square feet to the huge Royal Loft Suites that are over 1,500 square feet with large balconies of about 800 square feet. Royal Caribbean Cruises leads all other cruise lines in the creation of this state-of-the-art ship that can comfortably accommodate well over 5,000 passengers.

The Oasis Of The Seas is a virtual miniature city with several “neighborhoods” running along the center of her outside deck with cleverly situated balconied staterooms or cabins overlooking the bustling activities of the passengers below.

The neighborhoods, or themed areas are, Boardwalk, Central Park, the Entertainment Place, the Pool and Sports Zone, Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center, Royal Promenade, and the Youth Zone.

Here is a brief rundown of what you will find in each of these seven neighborhoods.

To start with, the Royal Promenade is where boarding passengers enter the ship. It is a large mall-at-sea that has numerous retail stores, cafes and bars.

Walk through the Boardwalk that features an authentic carousel and experience the atmosphere of Coney Island. Located at the stern of the ship at the end of the Boardwalk of this magnificent cruise ship you will find a large swimming pool where throughout the day passengers can swim, sunbathe, or even take scuba diving lessons. At night the pool is magically transformed into the AquaTheater which features an incredible water show where numerous nozzles spout pressurized jets of water high above the pool. These towering spouts of water are synchronized with a music and light display.

To top it off, there is an innovative high-wire Zip Line that has been stretched across the Boardwalk. Passengers who book strategically located state rooms or are strolling in this neighborhood can watch their thrill-seeking, daredevil fellow passengers soar along this exciting high-wire Zip Line.

Central Park is full of lush greenery from shrubs and trees to flowers. The maintenance of this unique park is looked after by gardeners who rotate the flowers and plants to reflect the appropriate season. In this large neighborhood zone you will find a number of casual and upscale themed restaurants and bars to relax and dine on delicious meals and appetizers as well as enjoy alcoholic beverages.

The Entertainment Place features the 1,000 plus seat Opal Theater, a large ballroom, a nightclub, a jazz lounge, a comedy club, and of course the largest cruise ship casino in the world.

The incredible Vitality Spa and Fitness Center is the largest spa on the high seas. It’ll appeal to all passengers who just want to relax and be pampered in the lap of luxury.

Central Park is full of fabulous flowers, lush shrubbery, and trees. This glorious greenery is maintained by gardeners who rotate the numerous flowers and plants to reflect the appropriate season. In this large neighborhood park you will find a number of upscale and casual themed restaurants and bars for you to unwind and enjoy deliciously prepared food and alcoholic beverages.

And last but not least there is the Youth Zone where trained personnel cater to parents’ babies and toddlers so their moms and dads can have some time to themselves aboard the ship. For the older kids and teens there are a multitude of fun things to keep them occupied.

If you have never gone on a luxury cruise before, maybe now is the time. The Oasis Of The Seas has something that will appeal to almost everyone and is a destination in itself. You will be very impressed.