Everything You Need To Know About Sail Shades

The sail shade is a relatively new type of garden shade that has only recently become a part of a private garden. Typically this type of shade has been utilised by large organisations for places such as schools, park areas and more recently places that are set to house the Olympic Games. They are extremely striking forms of shade that are erected with the intention of being semi-permanent. This means that they are meant to be used or long periods of time unlike other shade structures like the gazebo which are often put up whilst the sun is out and taken down after the sun has gone in. Sail shades remain erected all year round.

Sail shades are made up of strong cloths which can withstand harsher treatment than the temporary versions of shade that are typically available. Sail shades are typically attached to permanent fixtures such as walls or permanent posts. As a result it is a longer lasting source of shade that should be dealt with as a key part of the design of the outdoor space. Garden designers can often use them to base the design of the outdoor space. Such is the striking nature of this type of shade that the whole theme of the outside space can be amended to work with the sail shade.

Sail shades were first utilised by ancient Roman and Greek sailors that hoisted sails up to protect them from the searing sun when they were on land. This innovative idea was exploited by many different people and the theory has developed into the modern day sail shade. It is said that the coliseum was covered with a sail so that the people that attended the sporting and theatrical events could be kept cool from the searing sun. This theory has been exploited to make the modern sail shade. The primary change has been that the type of cloth used to make the sail has changed. New technology has introduced new fibres that make the modern sail shade both sturdy and extremely effective at blocking out the harmful UV rays from the sun.

The sail shades come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Most sail shades that are used for large outdoor areas are designed by the sail shade manufacturers specifically for the place that they will be used in. The range of options if you decide to have your sail shade designed bespoke to your needs is infinite. There are also a number of sail shades that are sold off the shelf. These come in a number of different sizes and shapes. Each manufacturer and sales company produces different sizes and shapes bust most of these companies will provide something to suit your needs. Most sail shades are available in triangle and square shapes. These are generally called triangle shade sails and square shade sails and are a great way of providing a semi-permanent shade for your garden.

Other types of garden shade that you could utilise in your outdoor space are gazebos, umbrella shade and the larger marquees. Gazebos are another fantastic option as they are quite inexpensive and can be erected anywhere. They are small tent like structures that can be put up anywhere. Unlike tents they do not have walls and they are tall enough to stand under. Also they often provide rain cover as well as shade cover from the sun.

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