English Cruise Liner Qe 2 to Achor in Dubai Forever

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Jomy John asked:

To curtain up the much awaited final voyage, Britain’s most famous luxury cruise ship QE 2 (Queen Elizabeth 2), arrived in Dubai on Wednesday, 26 November 2008. Cunard will transform itself into a floating hotel anchored in Dubai’s artificial palm-shaped island.

QE2 entered into active service two years later, following its launch in 1967, service two years later. In 1982, it was requisitioned as a troop carrier for the Falklands War that Britain fought against Argentina. QE2 left the English Port Southampton, on     11 Nov. 2008 for her last journey to Dubai. It sailed for 16 days to its retirement spot in the Gulf via Lisbon, Rome and the Egyptian port of Alexandria.

The legendary cruise ship QE2 weighing 70,000 ton was greeted in the Persian Gulf by more than 60 naval vessels and private boats, leading from the front by a mega-yacht MY Dubai owned by Dubai’s ruler HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Royal Navy Frigate, HMS Lancaster. QE2 received honour from the land at the city’s Rashid port where the legendary cruise ship was greeted by a police marching band and fireworks.

The ship’s owner Cunard, sold cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 last year to Dubai’s state-run conglomerate Dubai World for about $100 million. In 40 years of its sail, the luxury liner has cruised 6 million sea miles, carried 2.5 million passengers including world leaders, scientists, sports and film celebrities crossing the Atlantic more than 800 times. Associated Press (AP) quotes Manfred Ursprunger, the CEO of Nakheel QE2 Enterprises in charge of ships transformation, “For QE2, we believe that life really does begin at 40. It will take two to three years to redesign the ship and make it into a hotel with dozens of rooms, several restaurants, a performance theatre and a spa.” The famous quarters of QE 2 like the Queen’s Room, The Captain’s Quarters and The Bridge will not undergo the change process and its pride and luxury will be preserved.

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