Cruising Is More Fun On Princess Cruises

Do not be fooled by other cruise lines, Princess cruises are the most family friendly.

Taking a cruise has never been more exciting than now, because Princess cruises are the most family friendly and most times the best bang for your buck. Princess cruises visit all kinds of exciting ports and Princess has cruises to all of the hottest, and coldest destinations. No matter where you want to cruise, you will find the perfect Princess cruise for you and your family.

An Alaskan cruise is the epitome of beautiful scenery and tranquility while cruising the inside passage. One Alaskan cruise is all it will take for you to be hooked on Alaska and Princess cruises for life. Princess cruises to Alaska depart mostly from Whittier,Alaska or VanCouver,BC. And are mostly 7 day trips, but– day trips exploring more of Alaska’s coastline are available.

Tropical Caribbean cruises are a treat for all ages. The Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands are just a few of the exotic locations you can visit on Princess cruises to the Caribbean. Caribbean cruises are perfect for warming up in the winter time with a tropical cruise.

Panama Canal cruises are sure to awe and inspire you as you travel through the Panama Canal Locks. Princess designed several ships just to be able to fit through the Panama Canal, and yet they can still take on the roughest of seas if necessary. The majority of Panama Canal cruises are on ships that cater more to an older crowd, so you will not find a whole lot of children on these cruises. The Princess cruise ships designed for the Panama Canal have lots more balcony rooms than other Princess ships, so this is the perfect cruise to get a great price on a balcony suite.

Princess cruises around the coastline of Australia will leave you with wonderful thoughts of revisiting the “land down under”. Most of the Princess cruise ships traveling the Australian coast are smaller ships and are usually found to have few children. Princess cruises on smaller ships are more intimate and usually have very few children, mostly couples and weddings at sea.

Princess cruises to the Mediterranean can be very long indeed, in fact the average Princess cruise to the Mediterranean is 16 days, so be sure you enjoy time on the ship before booking one of these cruises. Princess cruises to the Mediterranean usually incorporate the largest of the Princess cruise ships and you will find them to be a veritable floating city. Normally these ships will have 3000 passengers and almost half that many crew.

Princess cruises go everywhere, so now matter where your favorite destination may be, you should check out the Princess cruise options. Princess cruises can be purchased online for a great deal, so be sure to check out online cruise purveyors before booking your cruise through a travel agent. Some people have saved up to 50% on their cruise by booking online.

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