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Eric Seminara asked:

Is it the size of the ship? Is the sheer decadence with which you’re greeted the moment you step aboard? Is it the streamlined contours of this floating vacation that brings passengers from all over the world to Norwegian Cruise Line? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic “yes”. Not only that, but in today’s atmosphere of shoddy service and poor customer service, Norwegian Cruise Line promotes themselves as managing the largest passenger to staff ratio in the industry. And this is apparent at every point during your cruise.

Among the many pioneering elements that Norwegian Cruise Line has introduced to the industry, is free-style dining. Breaking tradition with the stuffy practice of a rigid dining schedule with pre-assigned seats, dress code and limited menus, NCL has brought the convenience of open dining to the sea. Not only do passengers have a range of anywhere between 6 to a dozen dining facilities from which to choose at any given time but each dining facility has a different genre of menu to offer. From pre-prepared cafeteria-style to be chosen and loaded onto your tray, to the main dining halls where menus are served around a theme and dress is casual, to the upscale dining experience that so many have come to expect and enjoy on a luxury cruise line. Of course, for an additional fee, passengers with a taste for the more exotic delicacies and the more discerning pallet can choose from a number of small, ethnically themed restaurants such as Ethiopian, French-Vietnamese and Italian to name a few.

For most of us, good food is always an attraction, and for the 7 pounds that the average passenger gains each week they’re on board the cruise, there are also a number of on-board activities and pursuits from which passengers may choose. An Olympic-sized pool is always a major attraction in the hot-summer months. And a fully-equipped gym allows the health-minded to mind their physique while vacationing. A number of lounges, dancehalls, bars and stages provide venues for theater, stand-up and musical performance which are also all included in the price of the vacation. So this leaves you with additional money with which you may choose to gamble away in international waters.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has ten large ships in it’s fleet, the most luxurious of the 10 being the Norwegian Star which alternately runs the Alaskan cruise in the Summer months and a Mexican cruise in the Winter months. The Norwegian Spirit also cruises out to Alaska but in the Summer it crosses down into the Caribbean. The Norwegian Wind will sail to many major areas through out the year. The Pride of Aloha, as one might think, focuses on cruises in and around the Hawaiian Islands. The New York to Florida and Caribbean routes are covered by the Norwegian Dawn. The Norwegian Sea sails from Houston to the Caribbean and the Norwegian Majesty sails through Mexico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

No matter where your tastes will take you, the Norwegian Cruise Line has your destination covered. From innovative techniques in boarding passengers and troubleshooting, to time-honored customs that involve full frills customer service and opulent productions, Norwegian Cruise Lines sets the bar for high-end quality and affordable luxury cruise at all price points. And they continue to improve on the old adage “Getting there is half the fun”.

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