Chesapeake – Great For A Sailing Holiday

Chesapeake is one of the best estuaries in the world. Located in the United States, there are almost 4,000 different species of plants and animals living there, including shellfish and finfish. It’s also the home of more than 30 different kinds of water fowls. The bay is also a great economic resource for more than 15 million individuals. For the lovers of the sea, sailing in Chesapeake Bay during a holiday vacation is something to look forward to.

If you’re in Annapolis, most definitely you’ll never miss out sailing in Chesapeake Bay. After all, it’s one of their favorite relaxation activities. Some call Annapolis “America’s Sailing Capital” in the heart of Chesapeake. You should definitely explore the harbor and the surrounding Bay. Several marinas is available in the area as well as restaurants, nightclubs and shops of all kinds. There are also numerous night races during Wednesdays. You can follow it in the seawall of Naval Academy or in the harbor. Don’t forget to stop by Spa Creek Bridge. Havre de Grace, meanwhile, is another Maryland town where you can find many museums and parks. A good example is the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. You can find several maritime documents related to the Upper Chesapeake Bay. Other interesting locations are the Tydings Park and Concord Light Point, which is a very old lighthouse found in the East Coast.

One of the popular Chesapeake Bay feeders is the Sassafras River. It is located close to the Delmarva Peninsula. It runs for more than 25 kilometers. This body of water is buzzing with a lot of activity. All day along, you can see a yacht, sailboat, cruiser of all kinds. They are docked in any of the four marinas that surround the area. Fishing is a good activity to do here. If not, you can go swimming in any of the beaches located near the river or tubing into the creeks. Another boating paradise is Still Pond, located in Kent County, Maryland. There are less people here, so you can surely enjoy some privacy. You can then proceed to the Village for some meal or to buy fishing supplies and equipment. The good thing about Still Pond is that you’ll never be short of creeks. You have Worton, Turner, and Back creeks. Punctuate your tour in the “tributaries% at Rock Hall. It’s a very nice public beach made of white sands and cool water. It’s also the most excellent place to have a perfect view of the bay. You can also venture into the Waterman’s Museum. There are several exhibits related to fishing and crabbing here. You may also dock your yacht at Haven Harbor Marina.

Sailing in Chesapeake Bay is truly one of the invigorating activities that you can do. Beside these interesting places, you can have some quiet times at the Fairlee Creek. You can also proceed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for more serious sightseeing, such as in Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Aquarium, and Fort McHenry, to name a few.