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Crew Life – Behind the Scenes Onboard a Cruise Ship

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working on-board a cruise ship? Below the passenger decks is a whole other world that we rarely see or hear about. Here we give you an opportunity to find out what really goes on down there… Laura Fletcher, 26, recently returned from her position as shore excursion staff […]

Disney World for Honeymooners

Walt Disney World has always been known as a great place for families with children to visit, but it’s also a wonderful honeymoon destination. Due to the happily ever after theme of every fairy tale, Walt Disney World fits right in the the romantic theme with many of the activities. Many couples choose to have […]

Finding the Right Cruise Line

If you are looking for cruise line that sails around the world, you have a number of options to choose from. Most of them have the best comfort and highest standards among lines. You’ll see that some of the companies are known only in the specific places that they visit the most, whereas others are […]

Retiring on a Cruise Ship; What Needs to be Done

Bou van Kuyk asked: When you surf the Internet for retirement options, the possibility of retiring on a cruise ship seems to be popping up more and more often the closer we get to the time that boomers are going to retire. The benefits of retiring on a cruise ship are eloquently described everywhere and generally well known. It is […]

American Express World Cruise For Honeymooners

Sarah Martin asked: Do you really want to experience the most romantic of get away vacations for your honeymoon? Then consider taking an American express world cruise for honeymooners. The reputable credit company, which has been in the business of entertainment and hospitality for a very long time, knows how to accommodate newlyweds right down […]