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Unforgettable European Adventure Tours

Rachel Jackson asked: European Adventure Tours are fast becoming the ideal way to travel in Europe. If you want more excitement on your next vacation then a European adventure tour can give you just that. The activities on your adventure tour largely depend on your destination or destinations and the length of your tour. Take […]

Dreaming of an Italian Wedding

Jude Sachs asked: More and more foreign people dream of a wedding “Italian style”. American and Australian couples choose to make their wishes come true in the most beautiful Italian locations. Japanese and English brides don’t stand still and plan to set their special day in ancient Tuscan villages, in seaside villas close to Amalfi, […]

Around Italy: Discover the Eternal City, Rome

You are going to Rome and would like to see some museums and famous artworks and make some tours around the city or to other places but you are dreading the very likely possibilty to stand in line for hours just to get the tickets?? Then you’re going to like this service that we offer […]

Enjoy the Enchantment & History of Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is primarily dependent on the water that intertwines throughout the town for transportation

The Most Exciting European Adventure Tours

Adventure tours offer a level of excitement and exploration quite different from an ordinary vacation. This type of vacation typically involves a well planned out tour of not just one city or vacation destination, but several. Also, an adventure tour highlights cultural and historical sites and can involve at least some level of physical exertion; […]