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The Netherlands – Great For A Sailing Charter

Most boating is found in the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Frisian Islands, an area of sand dunes, systems of channels and nice ports. There are lots of yachts available here and you can visit the many historic and beautiful seaport towns. The European country of Netherlands is mainly composed of several rivers. You have three […]

Cheap Cruise. The Absolute Best Kind of Cruising Experience

Do you want to take a cruise… a really cheap cruise? Are you looking for the best cruise deal? Do you want to get great discounts? Here are a few ways you can go on a cheap cruise: 1. One way is if you check out sites like Travelocity and Hotwire to see what kind […]

Of the Many Different Yachts That you Can Buy Catalina Yachts are the Best

There are many different yachts that you can buy. Of these today you will find that Catalina yachts are considered as being the best. These yachts have all of the facilities and items which can make any yacht trip an enjoyable adventure. These yachts are all designed to provide their owners with the maximum in […]

What is the best cruise line for a sweet 16?

Sports fanatic (: asked: Im turning 16 next year and im planning on going on a cruise, but i was wondering which cruise is best for teens (such as the carnival, royal caribbean etc). And also what events they have. Thanks[: And we’re planning to go to the caribbeans

Yacht Show Brings Monaco Anticipation

The annual yacht show in Monaco always guarantees Europe’s second smallest country’s hotels are full, and this year will be no exception. The show has grown in popularity over the fifteen years since it began, and this year will see Monaco’s Port Hercules play host to over ninety of the world’s finest yachts and five […]