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The Wonders of Canary Islands Sailing

Have you ever thought about going to the sun kissed Canary Islands for a holiday? How about a Canary Islands sailing trip? Sailing through the Canary Islands will bring you long lasting wonderful memories for years to come. This is a fabulous vacation option, but you should be an experienced sailor or you should hire […]

Adventure Sailing is More Fun When You Own the Yacht

You can charter adventure sailing vacation to almost any destination in the world. The only problem is that it will cost you a lump sum paying for the crew, the meals and the fuel for the trip. You can probably save money on a sailing vacation when you own the yacht but only if you […]

Sailing: the Thrill That not Everyone is Entitled to

From time immemorial people like adventures and like to explore. People were attracted towards the sea. They understood the use of navigation and utilized it for the development of civilization. Sailing played a key role in the development of the world. Nowadays sailing is considered as a recreational activity which is dedicated for all who […]

Go On A Cruise Vacation On The Largest Hotel Resort Cruise Ship

Holidays and vacations should be exciting and fun travel experiences. So why not book your next holiday and vacation on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s largest and most modern resort hotel cruise ship, and cruise to the beckoning warm waters and white sandy beaches of the breathtaking, sun-drenched, Caribbean Islands?

A Cheap Cruise Is A Good Deal Right Now

The cruise industry, by nature, isn’t as affected by the economy as other travel sectors, as Lauren Volcheff, the marketing director at tells us. While the basic cabin, entertainment and dining costs offer surprisingly cheap travel, “add-ons are the clincher,” she says. Travelers will often book a cabin upgrade, purchase alcohol onboard the ship, opt for off-shore travel excursions booked through the ship, or they may even book flight tickets through their cruise operator as well. It’s no surprise that cruises are one of the most widely touted discounted travel deals in 2010.