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Mega Yachts – A Home Away From Home On The Seas

Mega yachts came about when the wealthy and well-to-do would have larger vessel built to serve their needs. These were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill yachts, either. They were not just relegated to sailing; these vessels were considered dwelling places with everything they needed. It was considered their home away from home, so to speak. Nowadays, […]

Packing on an Adventure Sailing Vacation

Preparing a list of things you are going to bring by noting it down is essential as it will make your task a lot simpler. An adventure sailing vacation is to rejuvenate much like any other vacations but aside from the thrill of the holiday, packing is pretty much bothersome. It might appear simple to […]

Top Five Most Beautiful Destinations for Sailing

So you have decided to take a sailing cruise, but feel overwhelmed at the number of destinations to choose from. If that’s the case then consider the following five destinations, which are some of the most popular and beautiful destinations for your boating cruise. First is New Zealand. This country boasts that highest number of […]

Sailing Safety

Sailing, like most activities, does have some possible dangers. Knowledge, preparation and care, can help prevent most serious problems. Consider the following ideas when preparing for your sailing adventure. Evaluate Skill Levels Consider the experience level of those participating, age, strength and understanding of first aid. Going out on the community lake verses taking on […]

Sailing To Cnidus, The Star Of Dorian Hexapolis

If you are looking for a unique yachting holiday or vacation, you should try a sailing voyage to ancient city of Cnidus in Turkey. Cnidus is an ancient site in Turkey that is being closely studied by archaeologists and historians. Ramazan Ozgan, the archaeology professor of Konya Selcuk University in Turkey, who has been presiding […]