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How does a cruise vacation work?

d y asked: Me and my girlfriend want to go on a cruise vacation. On cruise webpages I see the price. Is it for 1 person? What happens If I get a suite or a double bed? Do I just have to purchase 1 cruise ticket? How would this work?

I am looking to work on a cruise ship and have to take medication?

phichi asked: I am a cook and am planning on working on a cruise ship. However i have medication i need to take daily and I can’t afford to purchase 6 months worth. Is there any allowance for this? I understand there is limited health care but i think that they probably don’t cover preexisting […]

What would happen to a cruise ship if there was ever a major earthquake underwater?

Anthony asked: Lets say there is an earthquake in a specific place under the ocean, and a cruise ship is passing by at that exact moment. What would happen?

What is the best way to search for a cruise package?

JC asked: We are trying to send my in-laws for a Hawaiian cruise for their 50th this summer, and so I’m searching all over the internet. Just wondering if there are any great sites out there besides the obvious. Also, is it worth checking out each of the individual cruise line’s web sites?

What cruise lines/ ships are best for the 21 and up crowd?

Matt asked: I am looking to take a cruise this summer but I don’t want to be on a lame ship. I have been on a cruise when is was 13 and had fun on that ship. Now that I am older I want to go on another cruise but I do not want to […]