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What should I do to plan for a cruise for the first time?

Monica W asked: I am taking a cruise in December. Can anyone give me some helpful hints and tips to prepare and plan, and also suggestions while I travel?

Are there any cruise lines that dont have a minimum age limit?

jmoranmail asked: I want to go on a cruise with some of my friends, but all of the ones I have found say someone in your party has to be over 21. I want to go to the Carribean, but I am flexible. I would prefer to get a good price, but at this point […]

Is there any cruise service start or end at Alexandria in Egypt?

DataGrid Girl asked: I am looking for Augest cruise sevice that travel from alexandria , egypt to Istanbul, Turkey or vice versa. Do you cruises allow ride or disembark from the ship other than the starting point or end places?For example, if they are a journey started from Athens to Istanbul, but stopped in Alexandria […]

What other cruise lines are similar to Carnival and have itineraries to Mexico?

Albex asked: we’ve sailed Carnival twice and taken the only good 2 cruise itineraries to Mexico they offer (4 day Catalina and Ensenada. 7 day puerto vallarta, mazatlan, cabo san lucas) my parents will only sail to Mexico and all of Carnival’s other itineraries are to the same places we’ve already visited just in altered […]

How easy is it to bring alcohol onto a cruise ship?

Tom asked: Now I know that it says on many of the cruise lines’ websites that they will give it back to you on the last day of the cruise if you are 21. However, I have heard from a few people now that it isn’t that difficult to bring alcohol on board if you […]