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What was the best last minute cruise deals that u got during hurricane season?

secondfloorloft asked: I wanna cruise to the Caribbean at the beginning of Nov 08′ and I’m wondering what prices you booked at. Please include 1. Trip (where and how many days) 2. Cruise line 3. Price and if you remember how much did you save? Who did you book with?

What is the best cruise for college students?

lilmissmelly asked: I’m a freshman in college and some of my friends and I want to go on a cruise for spring break. I know a lot of cruises require someone 21 or 25 or older in the room. Are there any cruises that don’t require that? We are all under 21 and need something […]

What is the best website for booking a cruise from Canada?

TheHolyThief asked: I want to start looking at destinations for a cruise for the March Break, and it would be awesome if anyone knew of any websites that book them. I’m leaving from Toronto.

What is the best cruise going to the Bahamas?

lovelove asked: I’m going with two other families. We are planning on in July 2008 or during spring 2008. There are 6 adults and 3 kids (13, 10, 9) What is the best cruise that can everybody enjoy at an affordable price for everyone? Thanks in advance!

How can you arrange to bring a visitor aboard a cruise ship?

optionsottawa asked: We are going on a cruise in December with Celebrity. On one of the islands we are stopping at I have a long-time friend who is doing volunteer work. I would like to bring her on board the ship to treat her to a nice drink or coffee. Does anyone have any advice […]