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What is the best/most popular Cruise Ship for College students leaving from southern California?

Mark asked: The buddies and I want to go on a cruise for Spring break, probably to Mexico since they are the cheapest/most available. Wondering which cruise line has the most college aged passengers. TIA.

How would I arrange a small cruise ship for a specialized cruise?

Rusty D asked: I am interested in putting together a cruise for a targeted speciality group and would like to find out the costs and details of contracting for a ship that would accommodate around 500 people for a one week cruise from the U.S. West coast.

What is the best cruise to take for your first cruise?

aakhouston asked: We are looking to book a cruise in September/October, it will be our first cruise. We are looking at a Cranival Cruise to Grand Caymen and Ochios Rios. Is this a good one? Good line? There are so many to choose from. And the ship is supposed to be a big deal, this […]

What is the best cruise that you have ever been on?

Nicole asked: Hi, Im 19 and my friends and i want to plan a cruise for spring break. We want to wait and skip this year because my birthday is in march, so il be 21 when we go on it in 2011. Were really excited because im the last of my friends to turn […]

Have you ever been on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel during late December from Galveston? Any advice?

Just_Wondering asked: I returned from a cruise to Cozumel from Galveston yesterday and it was absolutly amazing! So, My dads 60th birthday is December 27th and we think it would be a great idea for a family/birthday trip. I have no idea what to expect for weather, type of crowd cruising during that time, water […]