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Has anyone gone on a complimentary short cruise vacation offered to you by simply completing a survey?

smiles asked: I just participated on an automated 10 question phone survey where after completion they offered a complimentary cruise vacation for 2 days/2 nights to Nassau/Bahamas leaving from Ft Lauderdale. The cruise ship is the Regal Empress from Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines. Has anyone been on this ship? Has anyone ever participated in a […]

How could cruise companies donate uneaten food to local ports?

Melissa N asked: So much food is wasted on cruises every year.. Maybe cruise companies can start donating wasted food at ports? What’s wrong with donating the food at the port areas for human consumption? If it’s going to be thrown out anyway, why not?

What is the best cruise line at a decent price?

SmittenKitten asked: I’m looking to take a cruise for 3 people that isn’t too expensive but I’m afraid that if I choose a cheap cruise line I won’t get a quality cruise. About 3 years ago I went on a Holland America cruise and absolutely LOVED it but it’s a little out of my price […]

What months are the best for a Mexican Riviera cruise?

nanascraps asked: We are planning on going on the Sept 30 cruise to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Matzalan for 7 days. Is this a good time to go?

How many cruise ships will go to Antarctica over the winter, I need to know for coursework?

chloee. asked: I need to know for my coursework about Antarctica. Cruise deals run from November – Febuary going for around two weeks at a time. Just an approximate number but I really need help!