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What is the best cruise for both parents and teens?

Alli asked: My mom wants to go on a cruise this summer and she wants me to look for cruises that i i would want to go on or would be interested in. I am 14 and my mom is 50. Which cruise has the best teen clubs or whatever and will be fun for […]

What is the best cruise line for a first time cruiser?

dee a asked: Thinking about going on a cruise in April. I’ve never been on one before and will probably go on a short one to somewhere close for my first time like the Bahamas. Any suggestions? Thanks.

How many chaperones must you have per minor on a cruise? And how many people per room usually?

blablabla asked: My high school senior class wants to go on a cruise for our senior class trip so I was just wondering what the rules are about chaperones. Also how many do rooms on cruises usually go for? Any cruises that you recomend that are not to pricey and lots of fun? Thanks for […]

What is the cheapest way to purchase a cruise?

unsure asked: I’ve cruised before but my dad took care of all the arrangements. Now I’m planning my honeymoon to Alaska on Royal Caribbean and am trying to find the best deal. It seems like buying straight from the site is the easiest way to pay too much for the cruise. Any websites you’ve used […]

What is the maximum time that cruise ships usually stop over?

White Swan asked: Is it normal for a cruise ship to stop over for 3 days (let’s say in a 14 day cruise)? And while at this, how many stopovers would it be normal for a cruise of this ammount of time to take?