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Luxury Cruises In Europe

Luxury tour deals are offered to insure that you are able to have the funds for an beautiful, life altering, memory making holiday. Cruises offer the greatest on food, relaxation and enjoyment. Cruise the seas of the Caribbean or the shores of the Mediterranean.

London River Cruise: A Wonderful Dream

London is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It’s rich in history and historical sites. There’s no way you can go to London without trying to visit as many of these historical sites as possible. Cruises along the Thames River are a very famous and fun way to go through in London’s history. The Thames River itself has a very vital part in the history of the place. It was where the Romans settled over 2 millennia in the past to create one of the oldest societies in history.

Cruising is Growing in Many Ways

David Edbrooke-Stainer asked: Cruising is now big business, only last week private equity group Apollo Management became a major shareholder in Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) having spent $1 billion for a 50 percent share of the company. Apollo has also recently purchased Oceania Cruises and has a deal with Regent Seven Seas and is a […]

Can’t Afford That Luxury Cruise Vacation – Think Again

If you’ve long had a hankering for a cruise vacation but didn’t think you could afford it – think again. Especially now with the travel industry struggling mightily to survive in the aftermath of Nine Eleven, bargains are out there. It just might take a little looking. What you want to look for is a […]

Luxury River Cruises In Italy

Cruises are one of the very famous modes of traveling nowadays. Lavish Italian cruises are a very good choice for travelers to enjoy holidays. A luxury Italian cruise has a lot to provide to vacationers, as Italy is made of scenic beauty and beautiful sights. Individuals can opt to see the major attractions of Italy on a Mediterranean or European cruise. However, to really feel the real essence of Italy, tourists need to immerse themselves in everything that Italy has to offer by getting a lavish Italian cruise.