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Cheap Alaska Shore Excursions

Taking a cruise to Alaska? No doubt you’ve read about all the wonderful helicopter tours or float plane adventures you can have on one of the many shore excursions during your cruise. You may also have noted the price of some of these excursions. And, while a helicopter tour is great fun, tacking on several […]

Alaska Wildlife and Adventure Cruises

Ask anyone who has visited Alaska, and the first response is wistful faraway look and then a smile.   Alaska is that magical, that beautiful, that special.   Then this person will begin to relate all of the delightful, exciting, and astonishing sights of this very exceptional 49th state.  Captain Kirk got it wrong when he went […]

Answers To Money And Shopping Questions While Cruising Europe

Money matters can be confusing when traveling but maybe this article will help you out. We always take lots of single and five dollar bills with us on every cruise. They come in handy for taxis, tips for tour guides, tips for the staff, and little souvenirs at craft shops. They are handy if you […]

Celebrity Chefs on the Ocean Waves

Not just content with TV appearances and receiving rave reviews in the media, celebrity chefs have been taking to the waves creating menus for restaurants on cruise ships or even turning up on the ships themselves. Take a trip on either of Ocean Village’s ships and you could be rubbing shoulders with James Martin, him […]

The Insider Deal on Cruising Alaska

alaska cruise
Alaska is the perfect destination for cruising, even for non-cruisers! The advantage is a continuous view of nature at its finest