Bored Of Ocean Cruises? Try River Cruises In France Instead!

If you have found ocean liners become too monotonous after a while, it is perhaps time to consider river cruises in France. Many operators offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the heart of this passionate and interesting country and it is sure to keep you excited and alert for the whole of your trip.

Essentially, a western Europe cruise allows passengers to travel on a small riverboat or barge, up and down the canals and rivers of a specific country, or countries. It is a great opportunity to take in some sights that would otherwise have passed you by. Small villages are often on the itinerary sheet which gives passengers the chance to see how the residents truly live. Of course, the riverboats can also access many of the famous cities and towns where you can visit the major tourist attractions and activities on offer. Just imagine cruising along at a delicate pace and being able to admire castle ruins, ripening vineyards and stunning woodland scenery. Taking any of the river cruises in France really means experiencing the very best that this country has to offer.

There are generally two options on offer when looking at these types of cruises in France. Cruise companies can take passengers up and down the Seine River; the other option is to explore the Rhone and Saone Rivers together. No matter which waterway you choose, there is an abundance of things to see and do on your journey. Some operators off the opportunity to do both of these options, transferring after a week or so, from one to the other.

Many of the cruises can be tailored to certain themes. For example, you may enjoy cooking and some cruises have classes where you can brush up on your culinary skills. A family theme will have lots of activities on board for the children to enjoy and may have activities such as pony trekking and treasure hunts when the boat docks.

The accommodation is very comfortable and many of the cabins have balconies or French windows to allow its passengers to enjoy the passing landscape to the full. Some of the slightly larger boats have facilities such as hairdressers, saunas and gymnasiums for guests to use. All have exceptional dining rooms where you can enjoy some delicious French cuisine and savour some beautifully aromatic wines.

River cruises in France offer a variety of duration, so no matter how long you have to relax, you can take advantage of many things that this beautiful country has to offer. Many companies that offer a western Europe cruise are flexible when it comes to the duration and itinerary of your trip and so you can be sure that you will find a break that suits your needs.

Locating and reserving river cruises in France is a simple and straightforward process. There are many operators who have websites online for you to browse. It is imperative that you read all of the company’s terms and conditions before confirming your booking. It is sometimes the case that cruise operators will charge additional fees for things such as laundry services or internet access.

When you decide to book a western Europe cruise it is quite common to have to provide particular details in order for the reservation to be accepted by the operator. Standard details needed include your insurance company details and the number of people who will be travelling on the cruise. It is at this time that you may wish to inform the operator of any special needs such as specific dietary requirements or mobility access.

River cruises in France are an alternative to the monotony of an ocean cruise and gives passengers the opportunity to see more of what the country has to offer. It is a great way to learn more about the locals and to make new friends whilst having one of the most relaxing times of your life.