Bahamas Yacht Charters Make Super Sailing Vacations

There is no better way to experience a tropical adventure than with Bahamas island yacht charters. Take a step into the past as the captain navigates through the deep blue waters of the Bahamas using a method of travel thousands of years old. In fact, Christopher Columbus first landed in the Bahamas after crossing the ocean in a vessel only slightly larger than some of the luxurious charter boats. Of course, there is no comparison between the conditions endured by Columbus and vacation involving Nassau Bahama luxury yacht charters.

If you are an expert sailor or just a beginner, the friendly captain will cater the journey to your preference. For example, the level of activity and adventure. Your voyage does not have to be a typical cruise that might be found on a commercial cruise liner. The Islands in the Bahamas are rarely more than two hours apart. Provided the wind is strong, the entire vacation could be spent island hopping each day, trying to take in as much as possible. Planning the route ahead of time allows for the best experience and guarantees little downtime and a lot of excitement. For example, if the planned sailing route crosses the gulf-stream, the high winds could cause the captain to shout, “All hands on deck!”. Docking at the various ports throughout the Bahamas is also based on adventure level. Some ports offer high adventure hiking, mountain biking excursions and rock climbing, while others allow serenity and relaxation on calm sandy beaches. Other ports provide opportunities to snorkel, shop or tour historic ruins. One of the great things about chartering a yacht is the freedom to tailor the vacation to personal interests. Each stop along the journey can be completely unique and no two journeys are identical. The only constant is the inescapable breath-taking scenery that creates life long memories.

Additionally, if the party is interested in sailing or already has some experience, many private captains will give lessons or allow seasoned sailors to take the helm. What better way to learn sailing then in the beautiful warm waters of the Bahamas. Also, for young children, this is the perfect pirate ship adventure of their dreams. They can don a captain’s hat and eye patch and play pirate to their hearts content. This vacation destination truly has something for everyone and every age group.

If food is a large part of a successful vacation, it is possible to plan the route to sample the local cuisine on a different island each day. The Bahamas excel in the preparation and delivery of fine drinks and award winning seafood. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to eat right inside one of the larger chartered yachts while sailing between islands. With this option, it is possible to maximize the time you spend sightseeing or adventure seeking when docked. For anyone seeking a vacation that truly provides a one of a kind experience and that will create an indelible mark on your memory, nothing else compares with Bahamas island yacht charters.

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