Antarctica Cruise – The 101 Ways You Can Have Fun on Your Cruise

Experienced travel cruisers understand the growing popularity of Antarctica especially after they have been to it. From the exotic wildlife to the moving sceneries an Antarctica cruise is an adventure of a lifetime. An easy way to decide if an Antarctica cruise is the right fit for you is to look at the activities available while on board that are listed here.

There is ice-cold blue water as far as the eye can see in the area of the world called Antarctica. Wildlife roams freely without a care for humans watching them and icebergs are plentiful. Summers in Antarctica enjoy a wealth of daytime sun and springtime is known for inspiring sunsets. There are other reasons besides sightseeing to go to Antarctica and take an Antarctica cruise.

An Antarctica cruise often comes with ways to watch available wildlife. With wildlife aplenty there is no danger of running out of animals to see from penguins on land to whales swimming below as you watch safely from the ship deck. Orca and Humpback along with Minke whales can be seen clearly most times while you are aboard ship since these are common to the area. Antarctica waters are dotted with these amazing sea creatures which are truly an impressive sight.

The Antarctica continent is home to a wide range of seals that you might espy during one of your tours on land. Besides Crabeater there are Leopard and Weddell seals observed in this region. The large supply of baby penguins for feeding on during spring is the reason seals are also in great abundance at this particular time. The Orcas along with the penguin chicks can be easily spotted in springtime. Whales show up in larger numbers and penguin chicks hatch before spring arrives so if you want to witness these better take an earlier cruise.

Taking in the scenery and viewing the wildlife are definitely worth the cost of your Antarctica cruise, there are other activities to enjoy as well. Most ships give passengers the chance to rough it out with the camping on shore part of the excursion they offer. Keep in mind that this isn’t exactly camping in your backyard. To enjoy a successful trip you must be prepared for all kinds of climate conditions that you might encounter. Antarctica camping is a unique experience that people up for its challenges should try.

An Antarctica cruise usually comes with a chance to look at wild animals and various scenery closely by coming down from the large ship and riding a smaller one for easier traveling. People can also pass the time by engaging in the highly popular activities of kayaking or canoeing. A guide leads kayakers and checks out water conditions and the area around them. Tiny boats that cruise staff pilot can also bring you ashore to better watch the whales.

The waters of Antarctica are also perfect for deep sea diving to allow you to explore the underwater creatures that lie underneath the icy exterior. It is as easy to dive in other areas as it is here. Only divers with enough experience are able to go diving in Antarctica because they can handle and know how to use the heavy gear involved. Signing up for dry suit dive courses and investing sufficient dive hours are great ways to get primed for the activity and be certified in the process.

Do not get so wrapped up in the many activities in Antarctica that you start forgetting you are cruise vacationing. You have fine dining plus accommodations to look forward to after a day of explorations. An Antarctica cruise provides a plethora of activity options and the comfort of a cruise vacation all in one.