American Express World Cruise For Weddings

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American express world cruises are perfect for weddings. You can take a cruise ship to an exotic destination where you will finally tie the knot or you can simply get married on the cruise ship while it is floating out in the open sea. Another option is to have the marriage on the cruise ship where it is docked.

American express has put out some interesting facts about its American express world cruises for weddings. For instance over 1/3 of all destination weddings take place on a beach complete with a barefoot groom and a bride with flowers in her hair.(

A surprising number of couples actually get married on the cruise ship. This can happen any time of day, while the sun is rising over the horizon, during twilight, or on the moonlit decks beneath the stars.

Some American express world cruises also stop at worldwide famous resorts that offer free weddings for couples who book their wedding there. This of course saves the prospective couple an amazing amount of money. In fact it is often the willingness of these resorts to pay for the weddings that makes these trips to wedding destinations so attractive. An interesting face to know that the average number of guests that attends these weddings is 63-if you are looking for a smaller, intimate wedding, this may be a good choice for you.

Just how popular are these American express world cruises for weddings? Well it seems that destination weddings have grown in popularity over 400% in the last year alone. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that a destination wedding is four times less expensive than what it would cost to hold a regular “land-locked” celebration. Some of these packages can cost less than five thousand dollars!

Destination weddings are also cheaper because it is expected that the guests will pay for at least part of their attendance. This means that the bride and groom do not have to fork out money for tickets for an .html American express around the world cruise for weddings. Only those guests who can pull their own weight will be present on the cruise. (

There is also something to be said for having something exciting to offer your guests. Travelling to an exotic vacation destination on a cruise ship offers your guests much more than the usual boring destination.

Another nice thing about American express world cruises for weddings is that they offer you the choice of being as casual or formal as possible. You can also have a more stress free wedding, especially if you have unpleasant relatives or simply just want to be more private. Your special day becomes an event that becomes much simpler.

You only need to worry about the basics like getting the dress, rings, and what kind of champagne you would like to drink. You don’t have to worry about being a diplomat, arranging big fussy dinners, or who is going to sit next to each other at the wedding rehearsal dinners. American express world cruises offer you the opportunity to spend a great deal of quality time with your loved one.

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