Accessible Fun in a Puerto Rico Vacation

A Puerto Rico vacation is one of the easiest to plan. This is true at least for American citizens. Because Puerto Rico is an American territory, there are fewer hassles when it comes to passports, currency conversion, language and looking for direct flights to the island paradise.

The accessibility of the place is definitely not the only advantage. Its real attraction is its rich and varied options when it comes to tourist diversions. Puerto Rico is simply the top destination for great accessible fun all year round.

What vacationers go crazy about this place is the beaches. If you have never set foot in the tropics before, the yearning for endless sand and constant sun is all too understandable. You can easily get your fill at resorts like Isla Verde and Luquillo which are conveniently near San Juan. If what you really want is unspoiled beauty though, you should head on over to the territorys best kept remote paradise retreats.

One popular remote spots which is a favorite among vacationers is Vieques. This is an island accessible from the eastern side of Puerto Rico. Unlike beaches on the mainland, the 40 beaches here are less populated and are more ideal for genuine R and R. Aside from its beaches, tourists can also take a dive at one of its three bioluminescent bays where everything the water touches, including people glow.

Culebra is another place in Puerto Rico where you can spend your vacation. Compared to Vieques, this is an even smaller and more remote looking destination. Although tourists have already discovered its quiet, clear beauty, it is still far from being a commercially exploited site.

In Puerto Rico, there are varied activities to enjoy. Once you have burned your skin to a crisp, you can drown your worries away in more conventional ways. There are always casino, tennis, shopping, dining and golf in San Juan to while away your time. You might also prefer to just take out all the stops and go all out on long nights of dancing and dining in Puerto Ricos vibrant night circuit of bars, clubs and cafes.

In Puerto Rico, sun is not the only fun. Instead of basking all day on fine sand, you can always take a detour and go on educational nature trips instead. A must see is El Yungue. Although the trip from San Juan can take all day, the effort and time spent are all worth it. This is the only tropical rainforest in American territory. Take a hike through its trails under cool canopies and marvel at the unmatched beauty of creation.

A vacation to Puerto Rico is just one of those things that can hardly go wrong. It truly is a paradise that is amazingly accessible. The best part is that from the moment you plan your trip to the moment you get there, there are less travel hassles and concerns to contend with. If you want an even more hassle free experience though, consider looking for the right vacation packages. With a great package deal for Puerto Rico, you get to enjoy what you want and where you want at a price that is just right for you.

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