Abaco Island – Excellent Place for Sailing and Fishing

The Abaco Island is famous for great sailing and fishing. The Abaco Island is a part of group of Bahamas Island. The Abaco Island is situated in the northern Bahamas. The best tourist attraction in this island is two main islands “Great Abaco Bahamas Island” and “Little Abaco Bahamas Island”.

The one of the reason Abaco Island is famous for is Diving trips. The Elbow Cay, Marsh Harbor, Walkers Cay are few where tourist prefer to go. The diving trips are for both experienced and the newcomers, the diving companies operating in island take care of logistic. They provide shuttle service to pick and drop you off at your hotel. It is advisable to book your diving trip in advance.

Another popular attraction in Abaco Islands is sailing, the sailing boat rentals are available for personal, private or group tours. All information available for sailing boats are available in hotels in form tour broachers. The Abaco Island also host private vacation property, which is great alternative to pricy hotel accommodation. The Abaco town close to sea is one such example where large Villas have mushroomed. Some Villas normally are costlier then hotels.The large Villas provide you more room, private setting and feel of royal treatment. Also these villas are filled with amenities.This options good for large families or big group traveling together.

The connection with outside world is either by traveling to three airports on Island or through sailing. The three airports located in Abaco island (Marsh Harbor, Treasure Cay and Walker’s Cay) cater to traveling needs of Abaco Island. The mode of shuttling between airport and hotels is Taxi or Boats. In case your hotel has not provided the shuttle service, you can depend upon local taxi service. A cautious note for travelers, the taxi run without meters but charge reasonable fare. Another alternative to Abaco is ferry service. All this information about Abaco Island is available at airports. If you have booked hotel check with your reservation clark, if they will be sending a shuttle service to pick you from airport.

Facts about Abaco Island

  • The Abaco Island is also called as “top of The Bahamas”.
  • The Island is 200 miles east of Miami, FL , USA
  • Population close to 13,170
  • Abaco Island is 130 miles long and comprises of Great Abaco and Little Abaco and many Cays.
  • Language spoken English
  • The currency in use is Bahamian Dollar (US dollar and British pound widely accepted)
  • Follows US model for electricity configuration 110 v/60, for 220 volt instruments you need adapter.
  • Document needed to enter the Island are: Passport – Birth Certificate with photo ID, and return ticket.
  • Popular for Scuba Diving and Sailing.

How to get in Abaco Island

The outside connection to Abaco Island is through Air link or taking boat to island. The three airports “Marsh Harbour International Airport “, “Treasure Cay”, and “Walker’s Cay” serve the Island for air link. If you are going to camp outside of these cities, then your final journey will be by taxi or boat. Both are priced at reasonable rate. Check with your Hotel customer service, they might have free shuttle service. The airlines, which operate from Island are American eagle, Bahamas Air, Continental Airlines, Island Express Airlines and Yellow Air Taxi (Chartered Flights).

Where to Stay in Abaco Island

Green Turtle Club Marina

Daily Rate: $170 – $475 (Depending on season rates vary)

Description: This resort is located on “Green Turtle Cay” in Great Abaco island. The access to resort is by boat, the length of the beach is around 3 miles. The beautiful harbor is surrounded by some of the most pictureque beaches.

Contact: Green Turtle Club and Marina

Green Turtle Cay

Abaco, Bahamas Out Islands


Tel: 1-242-365-4271

Fax: 1-242-365-4272

Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour

Daily Rate: $240 to $680 Per Night (Depending on season rates vary)

Description:The Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour resort provides fantastic breathtaking waterfront view. The hotel is good for everyone interested in laid back rest to active activities such as Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Boating and Watersports. Hotel is close to shopping arena a walking dostance from hotel. All at one place.

Contact: Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour

Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour

Marsh Harbour

Abaco, Bahamas

Phone: 1-800-468-4799

Reservations: please call 1.800.753.9259

The Bluff House Beach Hotel

Daily Rate: $170 to $565 Per Night (Depending on season rates vary)

Description: The Bluff House Beach Hotel is located at highest point on “Green Turtle Cay”. The hotel has private beach for guest and provides beautiful beach view.

Coco Bay Cottages

Daily Rates: $200 to $350 Per Night

Description: The Coco Bay Cottages is located at Green Turtle Cay. The place is known for rest and water sports. With beaches on both sides the view are fantastic.

Contact: Cocobay Cottages

P.O. Box AB22795

Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

USA/Canada – Toll Free: (800) 752-0166

Contact number for USA: (561) 202-8149