What is the least expensive way to book a cruise?

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I’m a AAA member so would I save going through their travel agency, or booking things separately myself, or booking the airfare at one place and the cruise at another? I will need airfare from Pittsburgh PA to Miami FL, as well as transportation from the airport to the port. At this time I’m looking at leaving the morning of the cruise not the night before that way I won’t have to worry about hotel expenses.The cruise line is Royal Caribbean. Any advice for me??

Getting a Cruise Ship Job

Lots of people, young and old, male or female, dream about working on a luxury service provider such as 5 star hotels and especially cruise ships because of the fact that one can enjoy the place or cruise as well and at the same time, earn good amount of money from their salary and from tips. Aside from the benefits of being paid well and having the chance to see the world from having cruise ship jobs, a cruise staff can save a lot from his earning since they hardly have to spend anything on board as cruise ship crews are provided with lots of free food and drinks with good accommodation and their salary is tax free, although declaring it on your tax is always the best advice.

Applying for a cruise ship job is not that easy though. An interested individual cannot just rush submitting his application to online and off line cruise employment agencies and expect positive results immediately. Almost everyone who is after a cruise ship career is doing this. Many cruise line employment agencies who may accept your application (some agencies even collect money), will not get that satisfied or convinced with what they may see in your application thus spoiling your chances of getting a cruise work. A different and more effective approach with the knowledge on how to make the best cruise line job application is needed. Knowing the proper person or agency to submit your application and the right time to submit it is also an important thing to know to increase your chances of getting hired.

When an individual has been informed about the opportunities, requirements and chances of getting a cruise liner job, and a proper application has been submitted at the right time to the right person, an agent may invite you to a personal pre-interview at a cruise line employment or recruitment agency. After assessing this individual for all the criteria needed for a career cruising along with the language efficiency, which is mostly English, the individual may be offered a registration for specific interviews from different cruise line representatives or the application may be denied.

An entry level or a new applicant, one who does not have experience working on a cruise ship, cannot choose the cruise ship if they are accepted at their interview with a representative of a cruise line. Some training and various restrictions for discipline are also given to new crew members. The sea, as unpredictable as it is, can be a dangerous and tough place to be at. A crew will have to attend to his duties while the ship is cruising the ocean waves that can make a ship staff job difficult.

These are only few of the things that an interested applicant needs to know to get a job on cruise ship and having a cruise work. The individual needs to find out other things that can help him land on a cruise ship job more effectively and if that a job on cruise ship is the best for him.

Antarctic Cruise – Wildlife

Hawaii Cruise Vacation for Your Honeymoon

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Hawaii cruise vacations are the top mode to vacation the Hawaii Islands. It is expedient to holiday the different locations without having to pack and unpack.

There are four major islands in Hawaii: Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.

You can effortlessly visit those islands with diverse cruise companies primarily with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess or Norwegian star. There are a range of prices for Hawaii cruise vacations.

On a cruise, you can see Pearl Harbor. In Hawaii, Pearl Harbour has been attacked by the Japanese at some point in the Second World War II, on December 7th, 1941. This unexpected attack spurred the USA to go for War.

Hawaii cruise vacations are a nice option to get married on a cruise boat or by the ocean. Included is the wedding service, the honeymoon and the cruise catering. Imagine your marriage ceremony being worry free in the enchanting Hawaii settings.

Hawaii has luxurious flora. The volcanic soil gives a stunning sight. From Diamond Head, Honolulu, the view is at the most breathtaking.

In those vacations, diverse water sports are doable. There are sandy beaches to snorkel, scuba diving, canoing, sun bathing or day sail in Kauai. This is achievable by using any cruise company line.

Hawaii is spectacular with its cliffs and rainbows near waterfalls. You can enjoy this fully with a helicopter tour. Hawaii cruise vacation is perfect when you don’t want to be concerned about budget constantly.

You have the choice of 7 days Hawaii cruise vacations, 12 days or 15 days cruise. There are also some 25-30 days cruise packages existing.

For a little bit more exciting activity in your vacations, you can stroll in the dormant Hawaii Volcanoes moon like landscapes. Be prepared to walk. Bring good quality shoes. You are in for the joy of hiking.

You can take part in a golf game on some cruise ships before playing on the main ground. Some cruise itineraries allow you stop everyday to play golf.

Hawaii is a good place to take pleasure in the swaying palm trees in a warm breeze as you are relaxing on the seashore…

For the lovers of aquatic animals, you can have a swim with dolphins at Oahu. You can also make whale watching. You can shop or snorkeling also.

It exist different honeymoon packages offered from the cruise companies. Even Disney cruise line offers honeymoon packages. Watch the stars at night if you have the chance to have a room on the cruise with a window or a balcony.

Spend romantic evenings by strolling on the boardwalk of the ship after a great romantic dinner. Enjoy a spa treatment before the formal evenings.

The habitants of Hawaii are warm. They take pleasure in sharing their traditions and culture during your Hawaii cruise vacations.

Cruising is Growing in Many Ways

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Cruising is now big business, only last week private equity group Apollo Management became a major shareholder in Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) having spent $1 billion for a 50 percent share of the company. Apollo has also recently purchased Oceania Cruises and has a deal with Regent Seven Seas and is a growing force within the industry. So what else is growing within the industry? Well the cost of a new build is staggering, Royal Caribbean are spending no fewer than $1.2 billion on just one ship, the yet un-named Genesis class ship due in service in the fall of 2009.

Ships have grown rapidly, not just in cost but in size over the last few years. When you consider that Titanic was 52,300 tons and considered in its time to be a monster of a ship; nowadays car ferries are just as big. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line are renowned for being innovative within the world of cruising and are pushing the boundaries with their new cruise ship that will make the Titanic appear nothing more than a barge. At 220,000 tons the Genesis class ship will surpass the Independence of the Seas, due to enter service this spring, which at 158,000 tons will be the joint largest cruise ship in the world at present. It begs the question, just how big can they make a cruise ship?

There is no doubt, wherever you look in the world of cruising, there is some form of growth. This year there is set to be 5 new builds and a couple of renamed ships cruising out of the UK alone. Add to this the number of new to Europe ships cruising out of the Mediterranean ports and Costa Cruises are set to send two ships to Dubai compared to only one last year. This all adds up to the number of ports being visited by cruise ships is set to reach an all time high.

Another growing aspect is how we receive the news of what the cruise companies are doing and that is via the cruising website. Independent cruise websites are growing almost daily as more people try to get on the bandwagon of an industry that appears to be on a never ending uplift. The Cruise is one of these new, growing websites and has been designed by Drabdesign a UK based search engine optimisation company that has a history of cruising websites. What makes The Cruise stand out is the look and feel of a real newspaper and although it is still being worked on, it will have an archive of a whole year’s news. Being split into sections means if you are interested in the growing number of new builds, or news from a specific location such as US Based Cruise News even destination news, it will have it all.

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