The Top 10 Reasons To Cruise Alaska

alaska cruise
For many people the world over the chance to cruise Alaska is a dream come true. With its unbelievable sights, rich history and outdoor activities, few cruise destinations can compare with a trip that includes cruising Alaska.

There are so many reasons to choose to cruise Alaska, it’s almost impossible to narrow them down. But, there are some things that stand out more than others for those who choose to cruise Alaska. Let’s look at a Top 10 list of reasons to decide to cruise Alaska on your next vacation:

* Perfect for families. Cruising Alaska is an ideal family vacation. With onboard pampering and outdoor fun around every bend, there are few vacations that are better for entire families. No matter a person’s age, cruising Alaska can be a blast. With activities designed for everyone and sites that are to die for, cruising Alaska brings with it memories to last a lifetime.

* Onboard activities. Cruising Alaska comes with the perks of onboard activities. From live entertainment to contests, games and more, there’s never a dull moment for those who choose to cruise Alaska.

* Food. If anyone says half the fun of cruising Alaska isn’t the food, they’re probably lying. With buffets and special spreads available at all hours of the day and night, cruising Alaska comes with a five-star floating restaurant. Plus, there are light snacks and room service around at all times.

* No need to do anything. One of the best things about an Alaskan cruise is the fact a passenger doesn’t have to do anything they don’t want to. With staff around to do everything, you don’t have to do anything but wake up and enjoy.

* Ports of call. The ports of call available for those who choose to cruise Alaska are amazing. From Anchorage to Denali and beyond, the ports of call on Alaskan cruises are varied and incredible. Stops can include places that are rough and tumble and those that are a bit more upscale and civilized.

* Wildlife. The wildlife viewing opportunities for those who cruise Alaska are amazing. From bears and seals to whales, eagles and more. There’s something new to see around just about every bend.

* Historic sites. The state of Alaska is loaded with historic sights. From those dedicated to the history of the state itself to Native American sites, there’s lots to explore.

* Whale watching. This is perhaps one of the biggest draws for those who choose to cruise Alaska. Side trips are available to take people into the heart of the water where whales can be seen going about their everyday lives.

* Fishing, hunting, camping, skiing and more. There are side trips available that involve all kinds of outdoor activities. Cruising Alaska is ideal for just about anyone who loves the great outdoors.

* Unbelievable views. The No. 1 reason why many choose to cruise Alaska are the breathtaking views the state offers. From rugged mountains to beautiful glaciers and incredible sunsets, there’s nothing like cruising Alaska for seeing things that are considered once in a lifetime.

Cruising Alaska brings with it all kinds of incredible perks. From the pampering onboard to the rugged outdoors, cruising Alaska is an experience that’s worth having.

What is the best cruise line to go on if you are going to the Mexico Riviera?

dalcia105122000 asked:

I and my family are planning on taking a cruise in August to Mexico. We are all adults. I heard Princess cruises were good but they seem alll booked during the summer already. Thank you for your answers in advance!

An Introduction to Fractional Sailing

There are many good reasons to own a boat. Its fun, it’s sporting, it’s romantic and it’s adventurous. It bonds family and friends together for special memories. There’s that irresistible pull of the ocean that says, “Let’s go!” And, of course, there’s a certain prestige in owning a well maintained yacht. However there are also many reasons not to. The costs associated with maintaining your own yacht are high, and so is the time commitment required. Mortgage, maintenance, dockage, insurance, upgrades, storage and cleaning are a year-round personal and financial commitment.

Fractional Sailing programs remove all of the negative aspects of boating and allow you to enjoy your time on the water with friends and family. Fractional Sailing is day to day access to a new luxury sailboat in your local waterway; it makes sailing practical, cost effective and simple. Program members may take a new sailing yacht out for a few hours after work, getaway for a weekend, or cruise for an entire week. If you’re looking for a flexible, no commitment way to sail your luxury dream yacht then you’ve found it in fractional sailing.

OK, now that we have your attention, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of fractional sailing programs. Most programs allow you to sail a beautiful new sailboat in your local waterways and allow morning, afternoon, evening, overnight, weekend and week long time slots. The more established programs use proprietary scheduling technology, usually accessed via the internet, to allow members to book time on their sailboat. To help keep member costs down most programs also employ some type of electronic check-in and check-out system at the boat that removes the need for a staff member on the dock. Members incur no maintenance, bank notes, slip fees, or insurance costs; they simply pay one low annual or monthly fee to the management company.

A typical program will allow for seven guaranteed uses per month, plus as available use, and is generally all inclusive for less than a typical owner would pay for slip fees and fuel alone. If the program is structured correctly there should be no commitments and no buying or selling, make sure you have an experienced professional management team working for you. With the right Fractional Sailing program you will find yourself in top of the line facilities sailing on a fully loaded sailboat: roller furling jibs and main sails, modern electronics, flat panel TV’s with DVD players, electric heads, and powerful reliable diesel engines are just some of the features you can expect to find.

Most yacht owners realistically sail their boats 2-3 times per month. The cost of ownership is high; slip fees are $250-$450 per month, the bank note varies depending on the quality of the yacht but can range from $300 to well into the thousands, maintenance is expensive and time consuming, quality comprehensive insurance is difficult to obtain and expensive, the list goes on and on; fuel, pump-out, bottom paint, haul outs…..

Previously the only alternative to ownership was chartering. Chartering a yacht in a destination vacation area is usually an enjoyable experience, however it is still expensive, and you are only on the water for the duration of your vacation. Fractional Sailing programs give you the ability to sail in your local waterways for a day, evening, half day, weekend, week or even just a few hours all season long. All the hassles, worries and expenses associated with yacht ownership are handled by the management company. Check out your local Fractional Sailing program today!

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Go South and Take an Antarctica Cruise!

Popular vacation spots now include Antarctica since it promises a travel experience that is rich in unique adventures. Get a load of the wildlife and scenes unique to Antarctica while engaging in various adventures. An easy way to decide if an Antarctica cruise is the right fit for you is to look at the activities available while on board that are listed here.

Antarctica is that part of the globe that has cold blue waters stretching for miles around. Wild animals roam fearlessly amid humans while awesome icebergs elegantly rise to the surface. Summer months in Antarctica are filled with sunny days while the spring season holds captivating sunsets. There are many activities aboard an Antarctica cruise that tourists can do besides sightseeing that will make the Antarctica trip all the more memorable.

People can also observe various wild animals while traveling on an Antarctica cruise. With wildlife aplenty there is no danger of running out of animals to see from penguins on land to whales swimming below as you watch safely from the ship deck. Orca and Humpback along with Minke whales can be seen clearly most times while you are aboard ship since these are common to the area. These amazing creatures are quite breathtaking to see in the freezing blue Antarctica waters.

The Antarctica continent is home to a wide range of seals that you might espy during one of your tours on land. Among the kinds of seals usually seen in the area are Weddell along with Crabeater and Leopard. With many small penguins for feeding on available in February and March the seals also are not too shy in coming out. Catch sight of penguin chicks playing or Orcas swimming during the months of spring. Consider going months ahead of spring as this is when the baby penguins start hatching and the whales appear in droves.

With an Antarctica cruise you get all you paid for and then some since it includes wildlife observation and visiting unfamiliar territory along with other fun projects. Many cruise ships allow passengers a few nights on land to camp out as part of the tour to get a better feel of the scraggy terrain. If you are thinking that this is similar to camping behind your home guess again. Have everything you need handy for the trip so you do not wind up unprepared for any and all climate shifts that could happen. Those psyched up for camping out in Antarctica are in for a totally unique experience.

You can view wildlife and scenery up-close by getting off the big liner and boarding a smaller boat which is something most Antarctica cruise packages offer. The cruises also include two other loved activities which are canoeing and kayaking. Groups of kayakers are generally accompanied by guides who assess the freezing waters and environment. Boats operated by ship employees are available to take passengers ashore so they can get a better look at the whales.

You can explore the deep Antarctica waters through scuba diving and get better acquainted with the aquatic life forms there too. There is little difference between dives in this continent and other locations. Only divers with enough experience are able to go diving in Antarctica because they can handle and know how to use the heavy gear involved. You can enroll in a dry suit short diving course now to get certification and obtain the necessary diving hours as a way of preparing for the trip.

Your vacation is not just about the exciting activities within Antarctica but also about the wonderful cruise you are on so do not forget it. You have the choice of resting in fancy accommodations or visiting the fine dining room for a quick bite after a long day of exploring. Antarctica cruise vacations are never short on comfort but they also deliver when it comes to activities available.