Desolation Sound – Great For A Sailing Holiday

There are plenty of shorelines, fjords, and mountains the make up the Desolation Sound. It’s actually an inlet whose water comes from the deep-water glacier. You can also find the steepest mountain peak in North America, particularly in British Columbia. Sailing in Desolation Sound is a favorite pastime among tourists because of the presence of several nice harbors.

Sailing in Desolation Sound requires good marine skills and navigation savvy as the route follows around jagged coastlines with unpredictable winds funneling down on you, especially in Toba Inlet.

The whole area is a huge marine park and consists of many islands and ocean channels full of life. Most sailors explore Desolation from mid July to late August and as you can expect there are many boaters who visit at this time so marine traffic can be intense. It’s quieter in the shoulder seasons with less traffic and more privacy.

Some of the most interesting destinations include Copeland Islands, West Redonda Island and East Redonda Island. The most popular water ways include Waddington Channel, Homfray Channel, Lewis Channel, Pryce Channel and the tricky, Toba Inlet.

Besides the mountain ranges, you can also find beautiful waterfalls. You can go canoeing or kayaking. The freshwater also breeds several types of fish, which would be perfect for sport fishing. One of the most frequented anchorages is the Prideaux Haven. It’s a small bay that’s filled with countless coves, passageways, and islands. The Laura and Melanie coves are laden with several boats of visitors who wish to explore the area. It’s also an excellent point to venture to other locations, such as Saltery Bay Provincial Park and Okeover Arm Provincial Park. You can look for some private relaxation at Powell River.

If you like to add more challenge to your holiday vacation, go to Theodosia Inlet. The water’s current flow so fast and the channel can be twisting and narrow. Nevertheless, it’s worth the risk, especially when you arrive to the lagoon. Or you can visit Wootton Bay. The place is well protected from elements coming from the west but not from those from southeast or south.

Another interesting location to visit when you go sailing in Desolation Sound is the Copeland Islands. There are seven major islands that compose it, all of which are composed of the wilderness. Thus, if you aren’t too comfortable with limited amenities, you may want to forego mountain trailing. Rather, you can bring your yacht charter to any of the anchorages and swim, snorkel, or dive. A wildlife preservation park, Copeland Islands is a home to several animals like sea lions, porpoises, and deer.

Sailing in Desolation Sound also means visiting the scenic Toba Inlet. Located in the western part of BC, there are several coastal mountains and gorgeous waters that make up the area. Kayaking is one of the most memorable activities to do. You can also camp or explore the wilderness. You may even encounter a grizzly bear. It’s also located near equally captivating inlets and parks like Bute Inlet and Walsh Cove Provincial Park.

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Bareboat Yacht

A bareboat yacht is the ultimate experience, because it the type of charter where you have complete freedom to sail the yacht, and handle it the way you want to. It like replacing yourself with your chauffeur while driving. However, at least a couple of people on the yacht need to know how to sail, or else it becomes difficult and even dangerous. There will be coastguards available for assistance at anytime as well.

There is no necessity for a formal coaching in bareboat yachts. In some cases, people have sailed for years together, and become experts at yachting, but did not have any education in it. Therefore, simply knowing the rules and knowing how to manage a bareboat yacht is enough for you to take it out to waters. However, if in case you are not experienced enough in managing a bareboat yacht, there are agencies that will provide you with skippers to handle it.

A bareboat yacht should be chosen based upon the cost, the equipment standards and how old it is, and you must also ensure that there are all the necessary navigational tools on board. Also make sure that the reference charts, piloting books, manuals, etc are available. Once you get on board the bareboat yacht, check whether all the equipment is in functioning condition. If anything is improper, inform the operators of the charter service immediately so that it can be set right.

A bareboat yacht is mainly meant for those who have a unique sense of adventure, and who likes to do their own thing, and by themselves. However, for such people, when taking a bareboat yacht out on a cruise, they must be sure that they have the capability to handle the yacht by themselves. In conclusion, a bareboat yacht is something that only the really adventurous and experimental kind of people will enjoy.

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Canadian Places To Go

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is situated by the banks of the Bow River; it’s also not too far away from Alberta’s amazing Rocky Mountains. One of Calgary’s most popular tourist destinations is the Calgary stampede. This is an event with a huge parade and rodeo, this top class show draws over 1 million crazy people per year. In 1988 Calgary Alberta hosted the Winter Olympics, in Canada Olympic Park. Canada Olympic Park is an events centre made especially for snowboarding, luge, skiing, Bobsleigh, and also mountain biking (not in the winter though!)

The Pengrowth Saddledome is the home of the Calgary Flames and also for various concerts and events in Alberta, Canada. Other must-see attractions in Alberta include: Calgary Tower, Eau Claire Market, and GlenBow Museum.


Ontario is 1 of Canada’s highly populated areas ; Ontario is also one of the top tourist destinations within Canada. The Capital of Canada, Ottawa boasting Parliament Hill and many more cultural land marks . Toronto is home to many venues , also the stock market place, the CN tower and is also a multi-racial society.

Toronto is probably the most amazing of all places in Canada; the world famous Niagara Falls should be seen if visiting Ontario. There are lots of other amazing things to do in Ontario like the Stratford Festival, Oktoberfest, Thunder Bay, Muskoka and Parry Sound. If you are a big fan of the outdoors then Algonquin Park has a wide variety of camping, hiking, canoeing and other breathtaking wilderness things to do


Quebec is a province in Canada with a very strong history and tradition. Formerly, Quebec was a French colony which has always been able to build upon and hold on to its strong ties to the history of the French , also their lifestyle and culture . Quebec is also known as one of the top places for Canadian Genealogy.

Street signs and the front of shops inform people passing by in French first, and then secondly, in English . This is what gives Quebec a unique European flair that the rest of Canada does not have.

Montreal is the 2nd largest city in Canada and hosts a huge amount of international and worldwide festivals and events . The club scene in Quebec is second to none . Montreal is very well known for it’s River Cruises. Be sure to visit this beautiful province if ever in Canada.

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How to Get Around In South Africa

by Annette Hendley

South Africa offers many ways for its tourists to travel including the most popular, hiring a driver. This option is great because it allows you the versatility to travel where and when you wish.

For long trips, the long distance train is still relatively reasonable and sage. The first class carriage is very comfortable; however the second and third class carriages are usually packed and very uncomfortable. The short distance, inner-city trains have become a dangerous place to be. No longer do conductors of these trains have control over the seedy thieves and vagrants who stalk riders on a regular basis.

A few privately run trains like the Outenikwa Choo-tjoe and the Magalies Express are completely safe and a great experience. They only run in certain areas and not too regularly. They are more focused on day trip outings than on transport from one area to another.

Bus services are another great way to travel in South Africa as long as you stick with well known companies such as Inter City and Greyhound. Too many fly by night companies offering cheap prices have lead to tragedy as their mediocore buses resulted in many accidents throughout the country. Baz is another bus line geared more towards tourists and receives a thumbs u from most visitors as it has many stops at hotels across the country and is reliable and safe.

Johannesburg and Cape Town offer short distance travel buses to most major areas. These buses are reliable and generally safe. However, they tend to be a little crowded first thing in the morning and late afternoon as many workers are traveling home.

Another option is a metered taxi. While these are generally safe, they can be quite expensive.

A less expensive mode of transportation would be a mini-bus or van. However, these tend to be very overcrowded and have drivers who are fearless. So, don’t take this ride if you are among the faint at heart.

Private transfer companies are also available for transfers from and to the airport or they will even pick you up and get you safely home after a night out. They are quite expensive.

A rental is another fabulous option for traveling in South Africa. There are many rental agencies at hotels, airports and across the country. However, it is important to again remind you that sticking with reputable companies is the best way to go. Agencies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget are all readily available and offer customers the satisfaction of knowing if any problems arise while they are on the road, they wall immediately rectify the situation with a car exchange. All of these agencies have

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