A Guide To Popular Cruise Lines

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David Urmann asked:

What is a mantra of a wonderful vacation? If you believe me, natural splendor, blue waters and white sand make the perfect and most memorable vacations you can have. And if you are really interested in going in for one, then pack your bags and get ready for a sensational trip of the most happening cruise lines.

A cruise voyage will give it all right from the sprawling nature to blue waters of the oceans and the white sand on the beaches. And the best part of it, a cruise is your 24 hrs entertainment center where the sun never sets.

A cruise is a one stop entertainment for many occasions and events. A cruise allows you to celebrate family cruising and reunions, wedding, birthday celebrations, vacation travel, honeymoon and much more.

A cruise trip also allows and offers flexibility in planning various activities. You can plan to travel in the set of destinations from the hundreds of destinations offered by these sea liners. Do whatever, your cruise trip will be the most cherished experience you will ever have in your life.

Cruise trips have gained much popularity in the past couple of years due to which there are many cruise companies which offer the best of services to its travelers. The popularity is so much that it is estimated by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) that of the more than 10 million Americans who had taken cruises in the year 2004, around 5 million had taken the cruise for the first time.

This amazing piece of statistic is a reflection of the fact that cruising can be not only fun, but a tremendous vacation value. This vacation value can be rightly explored once you are on a cruise enjoying life.

A cruise vacation offers a quality time because it offers a great value in terms of the number of destinations from which you can choose your favorite one. And more value packed just because most of the cruises offer world-class dining and various on-board activities, along with many other activities like surfing, deep water fishing, skiing, kayaking etc which means you can have multiple vacations in one.

Also most of the cruise lines offer you the ease of sailing from a port near your city. You can book the cruise line fro a journey onboard and also for some of the most exciting shore and land excursions which may include tours, entertainment, adventure sports and activities and much more that will make the whole lot of cruising a memorable experience.

There are many cruise lines around the United States and Europe, which offer the best of the facilities and excursions. It is always to plan your trip ahead and book the cruise in advance as doing this would save you money, which obviously you can spend on some other sneaky extras. When finalizing a cruise line look for their track record and also compare the rates and the onboard facilities offered.

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Tasting Unique Cuisine on Cruises Around the World

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Sarah Martin asked:

Cruises around the world will give explorers the opportunity to experience some of most delicious cuisine imagined. If you have the palate it could be the experience of a lifetime.

* Argentinean Beef

* Brazilian Empanada

* Scottish Haggis

* Greek Frappe

* Swedish Köttbullar

Argentina Beef

Numerous cruises around the world will take you to Argentina where they have been raising cattle for over 4 centuries. In that time the Argentineans have succeeded in producing some of the finest beef the world has known. During your visit you simply must find some Asado beef. Asado beef is not only one of the local favorite foods but it is the way it is prepared. The preferred manner of preparing the Asado beef by the locals is by barbecuing it. The beef is prepared in outdoor grills and served with a number of tasty sauces and dips. I don’t know if it was the air or the beef but both were absolutely wonderful. It is truly unique by any standards.

Brazilian Empanada

Cruises around the world will typically stop in Brazil and while you are there a must try is a favorite dish of many visitors; the Empanada. It is chicken, onion, tomato and spices that are wrapped in dough and then deep fried, almost like a Mexican ranchero. The combination of the chicken, vegetables, spices and fried dough was to die for. You can get also get empanadas with shrimp or beef, either way they are a great example of the local flavor.

Scottish Haggis

Your visit to Scotland must include a sampling of their famous traditionally prepared dish: haggis. Cruises around the world will give you access to infamous Scottish haggis. The dish is a mixture of sheep liver, lungs, heart, oatmeal and onions which then are boiled in the belly of the sheep for a number of hours. The result dish is tender, spicy and full of flavor, nicely paired with a Sangiovese, http://www.wineaccess.com/wine/grape/Sangiovese/ -if you can find one in Scotland! This is obviously a traditional dish created by sheep herders who couldn’t afford to waste any part of the animal. If you can get past the way this traditional dish recipe was prepared you courage will be rewarded with a meal that is quite tasty.

Greece Frappe

In some parts of the world the word frappe is generally associated with a creamy type of milkshake. But cruises around the world that take you to Greece will present you with a different frappe. A Greek frappe is a strong-tasting coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, and evaporated milk. Many Greeks who indulge in frappes like to top theirs off with a layer of steamed milk foam. The flavor of frappe is unique with a strong but sweet coffee flavor and the evaporated milk adds a creamy element to the drink. The frappe will be a unique experience as well as an eye-opener.

Swedish Köttbullar

Sweden is a popular stop among cruises around the world and a visit here is not complete until you try Köttbullar. Now don’t get edgy Swedish Köttbullar is actually Swedish meatballs but prepared probably a little different then you are used to having elsewhere. The recipe calls for preparing beef, onions, breadcrumbs and pepper. The beef is mixed with the other ingredients and rolled into meatball shapes. Placing the beef in an iron skillet they are cooked thoroughly. The Köttbullar is then topped off with a sauce that has been made with beef broth, butter and beer. You’ll find different combinations as well with some using club soda, different kinds of fruits or vegetables. All of them are wonderfully tasting and satisfying to the palate.

During an American Express World Cruise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl2B19iOZj4) you’ll be given the opportunity to taste some of the most unique cuisines indigenous to the countries you’ll be visiting. You will find the dishes as exotic and diverse as the people who prepare them.

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Sailing To Cnidus, The Star Of Dorian Hexapolis

If you are looking for a unique yachting holiday or vacation, you should try a sailing voyage to ancient city of Cnidus in Turkey.

Cnidus is an ancient site in Turkey that is being closely studied by archaeologists and historians. Ramazan Ozgan, the archaeology professor of Konya Selcuk University in Turkey, who has been presiding over the excavation studies in Cnidus for 16 years, is working with a group of 22 students; in addition, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ehrhart from Freiburg University also is working to uncover the rich heritage of Cnidus.

Centuries ago Cnidus, originally a Phoenician settlement, was a major Dorian city, celebrated for its temples, theatres, statue of Aphrodite, the world’s first observatory, and medi¬cal school. Around 1000 BC the Dorians invaded the southern part of Caria and established the Dorian Hexapolis with the cities Cnidus (Datça), Halicarnassos (Bodrum), Cos, Kamiros, Lindos and Lalissos. The last three of the cities were in Rhodes. Cnidus was established at the same time as Halicarnassus (now Bodrum) around 800 BC.

Later on, according to Herodotus, a famous Greek historian, who lived around 447 BC, Halicarnas¬sus was excluded from the union of Greek city-states. The Union was then called the Dorian Pentapolis. Cnidus was the centre of this City Union. It had an effective political and economic structure considering the period and was an important city with, colonies in Northern Sicily, from the island of Lipari, to as far as Naukrati in Egypt.

Apollon and Aphrodite were the symbols of the city. The engravings on the Cnidian coins used to bear these symbols. But the most striking symbol of the city were the lions which stood on both sides of the harbour entrance. A colossal figure of a lion carved out of one block of mar¬ble, ten feet in length and six in height, which is believed to commemo¬rate the great naval victory, the Battle of Cnidus, which ended the Spartan hegemony in 394 BC!

Philosophers, architects and the astronomers of the ancient world were attracted to this inspirational meeting point. The statue of Aphrodite testifies to the cul¬tural refinement of the city. One of the greatest mathematicians of antiquity, Eudoxus was born in Cnidus. He discovered the formula to find the volumes of the solids and other mathematical demonstrations. He also devised a geometrical expla¬nation of the motions of the sun, moon and planets along the zodiac.

There’s also Praxiteles who carved the statue of Aphrodite for the people of Cnidus. The statue was so highly valued by them that they refused to sell it to King Nicomedes, who was willing in return to discharge the whole debt of the city. And there’s Sostratus, architect of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This great lighthouse was one of “the Seven Wonders of the ancient world” .

At one time in Cnidus, there was a statue of a lion set on each breakwater, commemorating the great naval victory won in 394 BC, but in 1857, an Englishman by the name of C.Newton visited the city and carried off a statue of Demeter and some other statues including the lions, which are all now at the Museum except for one of the lions that got broken in transit.

Can Yucel, a well-known master of Turkish poetry has described Cnidus in two sentences:

“Staring at it, looks greener than the algea,

Yet more blue, swimming a stroke.”

Aphrodite bathed in this water, according to the Greek mythology. Although Cnidus is one of the best preserved areas, ignorance has taken its toll on this precious cultural site. Some valuable pieces have been dragged out of the country due to greed and vanity. But what remains still provide a light on the richness of the ancient past. Prof. Dr. Ehrhart is working on the city plan of the ancient site, which, not surprisingly, has never been searched thoroughly before.

Cnidus was known worldwide in ancient times

“I don’t know whether 16 years of study was suffering or pleasure” says Mr. Ozgan while adding that he’s fond of the excavations he discovered with his students. “The Dorians founded these cities around 1200 BC. As the seaborne trade developed, they stored their products in Northern Africa, in a city called Naucratis to sell olive and olive oil to the whole world. And that’s how Cnidus became among the most wealthy cities of the world and became the richest in Anatolia.”

Land of the taxfree

Friends of Julius Ceasar lived in Cnidus, and being friends with him wasn’t only critical in a political sense but was also very important as an economic advantage. This state of affairs gave Cnidus a privilege; Ceasar anounced that this city would be free of tax and this led to great prosperity and the citizens built fountains, schools and temples which can be partly seen today. At least they were helping each other! What have our rich people done to help their cities? How and where do they spend their fortune? Cnidus was also a leading clinical center of the world but again, this fact doesn’t come into prominence.

Pieces are scattered all over the world

The most glorious pieces of the British Museum have been taken from here and damage was done to the ancient sites. The artifacts are easy to carry away via the sea and rumors of smuggling have continued right up to recent years.

Have you dreamed of an enjoyable holiday amidst the quiet of ancient ruins? Wouldn’t this be a perfect vacation? Imagine a land where the fertility of the soil is boundless and from this rich soil comes earthenware pottery from Paleothic Ages, Assyrian metal coins, and statues that decorated the Hittite cities and ancient Greek libraries.

The ideal way to live in the historical sites, is to join a “Blue Voyage” with the comfortable atmosphere afforded by a “Deluxe Gulet” or “Marmaris Yachts”. You can also have an experienced guide in the gulet (traditional Turkish sail boat), whose knowledge of the area is rich and whose personality is warm and humorous. The “Blue Cruise” in the crystal clear waters or “Turquoise Coast” could easily be the highlight of your trip to Turkey.

By: Gurhan Ebren

About the Author:

Gurhan Ebren is a retired naval officer and currently runs El Paso Travel, a Marmaris travel agency specializing in yacht and gulet charters and cruises in Turkey. You can learn more about the blue cruises which visit Cnidus and other sites at http://www.elpasotravel.net/itinaries.htm

A Career In Yachting?

A career in Yachting.

Want to work on a yacht- where to start?

Training providers normally start with the basic safety training week – STCW95. A one week intensive course covers the 4 basic modules of safety on board a yacht. Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and social responsibilities, and Basic Firefighting and Fire Prevention.

The crew member will be assessed regularly to make sure all safety elements are completed. At the end of the week, they will receive a certificate.

The next step, once the crew member has the required sea time qualifications would be a Yachtmaster ticket. This is a captain’s ticket up to 24 metres or 200 gross tons.

With Blue Water the candidate will complete 6 days of theory including at least 3 written examinations. This will cover rules of the road, chartwork, plotting etc.

The second part of the course is 5 days on board the training vessel. This is preparing the candidate for the rigid 1 and half day examination at the end of the week. Candidates are able to stay on board, helpful when the boat will be doing night cruising.

The yachtmaster is probably one of the best schemes in the world for training navigators in the yacht industry. Those who follow through the training programme from ‘Competent Crew’ through ‘Day Skipper’ to ‘Coastal Skipper’ then ‘Yachtmaster Offshore’ and ‘Yachtmaster Ocean’ receive a thoroughly good grounding in navigation and seamanship. Also the yachtmaster has already been built into the system in that it is the base qualification for the under 24m codes (the ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ codes) so it would be difficult to remove the yachtmaster from the equation completely, even if one wanted to.

Advantages for yachts.

• It will vastly improve training in navigation, seamanship and related subjects.

• It will reinforce such theoretical training in a practical and relevant way and thus improve the retention of what has been learned.

• It will enable the current Navigation and Radar module to be pitched at the management level and to incorporate an ‘ARPA’ qualification.

• It will better prepare candidates for MCA examinations.

• It will bring the yachting industry into line with STCW 1995.

• It will provide a framework within which qualifications in other areas relevant to yachting can be managed at a future date.

• It will provide a structure and a career path for deck crew from the moment of their induction into the industry.

• By separating the Chief Officer and Master certificates it will help to ensure that Masters of large yachts have gained relevant experience before attaining the qualification. It will therefore enhance the value of the qualification(2).

The next career step is Officer of the Watch.

Now the candidate is well on the way to completing his 3 years yacht service and one year’s sea time required before sitting an MCA oral exam for OOW.

There will be certain modules to complete over the course of about 6 weeks. All certification will be issued by Blue Water for course completions, and the college who marks the relevant papers if there is a written exam involved. Pass certificates are normally issued once the candidate has passed the written exam. All certificates are valid for 3 years from the exam date.

Certain modules or tickets, ie GMDSS and Yachtmaster will need to be revalidated after 5 years. This is simply a question of paperwork. Some tickets will require an application form from the MCA – which will be found on their website. Others like the Medical certificates, will require a refresher course to put them back in date.

By: Lizzie Irving

About the Author:

Blue Water Yachting is an exclusive yacht charter company specialising in luxury yacht charter, yacht crew placement, yacht crew training and mega yacht sales in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Visit our offices in Antibes, Palma and Fort Lauderdale.

Cheap Family Vacations Packages

Do you spent about 10 – 12 hrs at office? Are you able to give quality time to your family? Do your children often demand of family vacations? Family vacations are very necessary for the intimacy in relations. But, you are often pre-occupied withy the calculations of air fares, hotel cost and shopping. In that case, cheap family vacations are the vacations you are looking for. These vacations provide you with the required enthusiasm and zeal thus, refreshing your relations.

Planning a successful family vacation requires the appropriate stress on various factors. One should plan for such activities during the vacation that they do not boar the children and at the same time, are well enjoyed by parents. One can go for national parks as they are always the best option. Yellowstone national parks are one among them. Urban areas may also provide your family with required rejuvenation. One can here get various eye-catching features and sight scenes. If one is going for a perfect family vacations, then, one should look for comfortable accommodations as until and unless you will get relax after the travel, you won’t be able to enjoy the next day.

Today costs are touching sky, and in this case, it becomes difficult to lower the expenses. However, you can make certain efforts that could help you in meeting your budget. Varieties of schemes are available on transportation nowadays. Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles are always flooded with different schemes providing considerable discounts on various tickets. If luck is with you, you can even manage to get some reputable discounts on lodgings and various accommodations, all thanks to the airline companies that are always in need of one or other promotional acts. Choosing the destination near your house automatically saves lots of money.

Various lodgings are always flooded with one or more schemes. There are schemes that provide you with less fare by allowing kids to stay at free. Some accommodation providers can provide you with cots for children and you can share one room. This minimizes the costs to a great extent. Restaurants providing kids menus are often affordable.

By keeping these simple points in mind, one can save lots of expenses thus, having a cheap family vacation. Moreover, if one has to go a little out of his family budget, doesn’t matter, as this is providing you with incomparable elite and happiness. So go and plan your family vacation right now!

Want to find out more about Cheap family vacations, then visit Jeanie Compto’s site on how to choose the best cheap family vacation package for your needs.