What are the best ports of call (the places you visit on a cruise) on a Caribbean cruise?

Nate asked:

I am planning a cruise to the caribbean. I see a bunch of different options. Basically, I want to know what are the BEST and which ones are the WORST?
And why?

Learning to Sail in Thailand

Ever thought about Learning to Sail?

Bangkok’s nearest yacht sailing base is Ocean Marina Yacht Club, located some 15km down Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya, towards Sattahip. At Ocean Marina you’ll find a number of companies that offer an exhilarating and fun day out visiting the beautiful and untouched islands off the coast of Pattaya.

But if you’re the kind of person who longs to be a participant instead of a spectator, why not actually learn what it takes to move and drive a boat?

A word of warning: once you undertake the challenge of learning to sail, it may very well become an all-consuming passion that takes over your life.

So, where does one start? Usually there are two options:

1.You can learn to sail experimentally by simply going out to crew with the racing teams at the monthly racing events held at Ocean Marina.

2.You can enroll for a course or courses at a sailing school.

The sailing school option is the most popular, so let’s focus on this approach. It raises a number of questions and hopefully we’ll be able to answer a few of them.

How Do You Choose a Sailing School?

Whether you are starting from scratch or continuing your sail training, it is very important that you choose a school that meets your requirements. This choice is difficult for the new sailor as you will have little or no direct experience to base your decision on. Therefore, you should evaluate all of your options and ask questions of the schools you contact to ensure they can meet your needs.

Your prospective schools should be accredited by the International Sailing Federation, which has guidelines on setting up schools and the facilities they should have.

The Basics

Yachts – You should make sure that the yachts the school uses are appropriate and in good condition. Ensure that there are not too many people in the class, so that you will always have things to do rather than watching and waiting for your turn.

Instructors – You need to be sure that the instructors are qualified, having completed approved international training programs.

Courses – You must ensure that the courses are appropriate to your level and to the sailing level you wish to attain.

Certification – The certifications issued must be recognized in the geographical areas where you intend to use them. Ask about international accreditation – once you’ve passed will your certificates be accepted internationally?

Code of Ethics – Does the school have an ethical approach that will deal with you as an individual and help you attain your goals?

As far as training schemes go, there are two basic types of syllabuses used internationally now.

The first starts your teaching to sail on live-aboard type boats progressing from crewing to acquiring skipper skills.

The second, which I favor, teaches you how to sail on smaller yachts and covers all the basic elements of sailing including decision making. As your certification levels increase, so do the size of the yachts and the distances sailed.

This scheme was initiated in the USA & UK and is replacing the former in a number of areas.

The student-to-instructor ratio has of been concern to many of the sailing authorities, due to the rapid growth of commercial sail training. Obviously a yacht carrying six students makes more money than a yacht carrying three at the same or similar price.

Unfortunately, however, the students on the crowded yacht get only half as much instructor time as the others. In these days of furling headsails and other labor-saving devices, there is an optimum student capacity; exceeding this is not in the student’s interest.

Another concern of the sailing authorities is the very question of what certification actually achieves. Simply handing out certificates that denote course completion is in no one’s interest. Every student should NOT automatically be entitled to a certificate.

Only students who satisfy the examination components and are in the opinion of their instructor, competent and confident at their certified level, should be certified.

Sailing takes practice. For the training benefits to be maximized, all the skills you learn should be practiced over and over again. At all advanced levels of qualification, time with hands-on experience is required.

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Tour of Jessica’s Yacht “Pink Lady”

Hotels at Cocoa Beach

Spread over six miles in length and one mile in width the place is unique and offers variety of fun at each and every point. This is for sure that you will change your views for a 20 mile long beach if you visit this Cocoa Beach. You will never think of missing anything here due to your budgetary constraints as compared to any other beach. The only one destination for your holidays which is really different and fun packed is no other than Cocoa beach.

The Cocoa beach is popular as the quintessential beach town. There is a unique combination of space activities and romantic natural environment all around whether it is warmth of the sun which can be had for most part of the year.

Cocoa Beach is full of fun. It is proved from the fact when even twenty four hours becomes less to enjoy the full day spending on the Space Coast for deep sea fishing or para sailing, try lunch aboard a casino cruise ship, or take a river tour to get up close and personal with Florida’s awesome wild life. You can visit the Kennedy space center, or the Brevard Zoo. You can take a car and drive country side or enjoy the exciting nightlife on the beach.

The main attraction for the tourist to choose Cocoa beach for holidaying is its convenient and easy approach from all other locations with all the means of transports. Tourist can come by flight to Cocoa beach from any place or even by car with a couple of hours journey from east of Orlando, Florida. Large numbers of budgetary hotels are located in the heart of the city for a comfortable stay for all class of tourists.

In order to have a nice holiday trip to Cocoa beach, get your bookings well in advance. The facilities like car rentals, air conditioned rooms, airport pick and drop facilities, swimming pools, health clubs, spas, restaurants etc are offered by almost all of the hotels. Apart from continental food, most of the restaurants have other delicacies too to fulfill the craziness of the taste buds of the different tourists. The hotels located on the beach itself make the evenings of the tourists even more colorful and enjoyable by panoramic views of the sea beaches.

It’s really most enjoyable to watch the beautiful nature that surrounds you which you stay in comfort in a good hotel, resort, motel or any other exciting place. The tastes of the delicacies served by the hotel steel the heart of the tourists who sometimes forget the temptation of the site seeing over the temptation of yummy. It is all easy for everyone to get temptations of availing the attractive and economical deals from the hotels.

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Alaska Cruise Shore Excursions: the Best in Each Port

alaska cruise

An Alaska cruise can be the most memorable vacation you ever take. Part of what makes a glacier cruise so special are the shore excursions – the activities you select to do in each of the three or four ports you dock at.

This article highlights the most amazing shore excursion at each of the three most popular Alaska cruise ports of call, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. Odds are, your cruise will stop at least two of these picturesque towns.

At each of your stops, you will have a wide variety of shore excursions to choose from. So which should you choose? Which excursions should you absolutely, positively not miss out on? That’s exactly what you’re about to find out.

The Best Ketchikan, Alaska Shore Excursion

Ketchikan is the southernmost port of call on most Inside Passage glacier cruises. It’s a beautiful little island town set amongst the lush Tongass rainforest, surrounded by magnificent peaks, waterfalls, and glaciers.

There is actually much to see within walking distance of the Ketchikan cruise ship docks, including the shops along quaint and picturesque Creek Street, with its historic buildings overhanging a crystal-clear, salmon-filled stream.

However, there is one Alaska cruise shore activity in Ketchikan that you will really kick yourself if you miss, and that is the float plane excursion to Misty Fjords National Monument.

Most Alaska cruise ship itineraries do not include a visit to Misty Fjords, so this float plane trip will most likely be your lone opportunity to view one of the most amazing places you will ever see. Known as the “Yosemite of the North”, Misty Fjords is a glacier-carved wonderland, where literally hundreds of waterfalls plunge down steep, verdant cliffs into the pristine waters of the long, narrow bays.

At the end of each fjord is an amazing glacier, which calves, breaking off icebergs which plunge into the bay in a thrilling natural spectacle.

The float plane is simply the best way to experience the majestic beauty of this national monument, and most tours include a stop within on of the fjords, so that you can actually get out and explore an incredible region that few people ever get to see.

Honestly, if I had to choose just one Alaska cruise shore excursion, this would be it. It’s an adventure you will thoroughly enjoy and I doubt you will ever forget.

The Best Juneau Shore Excursion

Juneau is a beautiful small city set on a salt water channel and surrounded by magnificent alpine peaks. The capitol of Alaska, Juneau is a nature lover’s paradise, with great shops, restaurants, and the only glacier within the municipal limits of any city.

The one Juneau shore excursion you really shouldn’t miss is the glacier-top dog sled adventure. What trip to Alaska would be complete without a dog sled ride? Of course, your Alaska cruise will take place in the summer (or late spring), so you will find most areas snow-free and in their lush, green summer state.

However atop one of the area’s massive rivers of ice known as tidewater glaciers, it is always winter. This trip includes a helicopter ride out of Juneau, during which you will get an aerial tour of the massive glacier, an astonishing site. This is without a doubt the best way to get a sense of the size of these glaciers.

Then you land on the glacier will be taken on a one-hour dog sled ride across the snow and ice. This is utterly fun and thrilling, the perfect way to experience Alaska.

The Best Skagway Shore Excursion

The port of Skagway is the northernmost in the Inside Passage. Located at the end of a long, beautiful fjord, Skagway has a rich gold rush history which lives on in its historic buildings and museums.

As with Ketchikan and Juneau, there is much to see within walking distance of the cruise ship docks in Skagway, including the wonderful small shops, museums, and restaurants of the main street.

The best Skagway shore excursion is the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari. The adventure starts with a 45 minute catamaran ride along Alaska’s deepest fjord to Glacier Point, where you will land on a beach, where a bus awaits to take you to a trailhead for a short walk to an overlook with an absolutely stunning view of the glacier.

From there, you will head to a landing, where you will board long canoes for a paddle past massive icebergs, along the base of the huge glacier. This is a simply incredible experience that you just can’t miss.

So those are the three best Alaska cruise shore excursions. Each is an exciting, once in a lifetime experience. If you manage to fit all three into your cruise itinerary, you will have an amazing, memorable, and downright fun trip. In fact, it could even be your favorite vacation ever.